What item you bought with our buy from Japan service ? : 

„N„p„q?„‚ „{„€„ƒ„}„u„„„y„{„y

Where are you from ?:

Kyiv, Ukraine

Review from customer:
„B?„t„}?„~„~„y„z „€„„u„‚„p„„„y„r„~„y„z „ƒ„u„‚„r?„ƒ. „`„{?„ƒ„~„u „„p„{„…„r„p„~„~„‘. „X„…„z„~„u „r?„t„~„€„Š„u„~„~„‘ „t„€ „q„…„t„Ž-„‘„{„y„‡ „„€„q„p„w„p„~„Ž „„„p „„‚„€„‡„p„~„Ž „r?„t „{„|??„~„„?„r. ? „~„p„r?„„„Ž „q?„|„Ž„Š„u: „„‚„€„ƒ„„u„{„„„y „„„p „ƒ„u„}„„|„y „„„€„r„p„‚?„r „‡„|„€„„ˆ? „r„{„|„p„t„p„„„„Ž „… „„€„ƒ„y„|„{„…, „~„p„r?„„„Ž „‘„{„‹„€ „‘ „~„u „„‚„€„ƒ„y„r ?„‡ „€„{„‚„u„}„€ „ˆ„Ž„€„s„€ „‚„p„x„… „„‚„€ „ˆ„u. „S„p„{„p „„„…„‚„q„€„„„p „„‚„€ „{„|??„~„„„p „t„…„w„u „„‚„y?„}„~„p ?

„S„p„{ „‹„€ „‹„€„t„€ „{„…„?„r„|? „„„p „t„€„ƒ„„„p„r„{„y „q„…„t„Ž-„‘„{„y„‡ „„„€„r„p„‚?„r „x „`„„€„~?? „‹„y„‚„€ „‚„p„t„w„… „x„r„u„‚„„„p„„„y„ƒ„‘ „t„€ „ˆ??? „{„€„}„„p„~??.

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service many times, and thank you for the feedback !
Cosmetics items are mostly available in department stores in Japan, and better than online shops, because we can get samples for our customer in department store shop.
Hope you like your item, and if you found good item from samples, please let us know !

Thank you again and again,
Ninja J


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