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•ž?‘¾–_—¹! Excellent service!!

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ŒÀ—ʔō‚æîèÜ Limited edition high heel shoes

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V‰Áš± Singapore

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’A¥ZOZO“ú–{ã¤â‹›ó–v—L?‘?q?BK?“I¥C‰äQ“ž—¹ÅD“I??˜a•ïåå???s•ž?“I•ž?BÝ“ú–{ˆÈŠOZ “IJ?•¨ŽÒB˜¸”EŽÒJ SAN“I•ž??Ý¥‘¾–_—¹B‰ä“I•ïå哞—¹”ñív‘¬˜a”EŽÒ?SAN‰ñ“š—¹‰äŠ—L“I??“s”ñíDB‰ä‰ï?—͐„‘¸”C‰½—v??‘ü—L“ú–{?“I?®?•iCˆê’è—vŽg—p˜¢l?•¨J SANB

Recently, I discovered a new Japanese fashion designer that my favourite VIVI fashion magazine model ROLA likes. It is a cute pair of shoes with lips logo in sequins by super cool designer Jun Takahashi for UNDERCOVER.

However, the website ZOZO JAPAN did not allow international shipping. Fortunately, I found the best shipping and parcel forwarding service for people staying outside of Japan – PERSONAL J SHOPPER. The service from Ninja J san is fantastic! My parcel arrived very quickly and Ninja J san answered all my questions very well. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to buy fashion items from Japan to use Personal Shopper J!

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback in Chinese !
It was a bit fun to buy this item for you,
We also happy to see beautiful and special fashion items, they make us happier 🙂

Thank you,
Ninja J


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