What item you bought with our buy from Japan service ? : 

Journal Standard down jacket

Where are you from ?:

Hong Kong

Review from customer:
‘æˆêŽŸ—p Ninja J “I•ž–±C•ªŸÞˆÓI

ᢠemail request ŒãC•s“žˆêŒÂ¬Žž•Ö‰ñ•¢‹y?‰äQ“ž‰ä‘z—v“I itemI


‰äˆê’è˜ðÄ—p 🙂


Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback !
Sometimes, our staff has time to reply to you quickly (mostly around at 16:00 JST)
and we can make your shopping experience as if you were in Japan and buying in Japan.

Hope you like your item and we are happy to assist you in near future !

Thank you,
Ninja J


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