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【Domestic Genuine】 IQOS 2.4 Plus Metallic Holder separately for each color (Champagne Gold)

¥ 7,488

※ I will ship with Yu Packet. * In the case of Yu Packet, it is not possible to specify the date and time and time. This product is sold separately as a holder. We will package it in a simple packaging and ship it in the box Please note that other chargers, cleaners, cords etc. included in the Aikosukit are not included. 【world's first! Heated cigarette system "iQOS" To the age of charging tobacco. · Because it heats genuine cigarette leaves (sold separately "Marlboro Heat Stick"), you can enjoy the original flavor and aroma of cigarettes. ·Do not use fire. There is no ash. Small odor. Do not pollute the air. It is an innovative tobacco heating system. Notes ※ This product can not apply various campaigns. ※ In any case can not be canceled due to customer's convenience, please read the explanatory note well, please purchase. * Even if trouble such as initial malfunction happens, we can not accept compensation such as repair or exchange at our shop. ※ Compensation for product registration errors can not be handled at our shop. ※ In case of initial malfunction, please contact IQOS Customer Center 0120-190517. (Even if it is not covered by compensation at the customer center, we can not accept any correspondence of exchanges, returns, compensation etc because we are selling new items so we can not confirm the operation etc.) Only those with an understanding Purchase thank you. ※ Since there are quite a lot of inquiries on the shipping date, we ask that you refrain from shipping date inquiries. (We will not reply) ※ We are not issuing receipts at our shop. Person who pays for credit card: Card details will be a receipt. Cash on delivery person: Courier will give you a receipt in return for the price. Bank transfer person: The transfer receipt will be the receipt. If we wish to issue receipts separately, we will withhold our receipt as it will be issued twice. We will ship the invoice as item to be purchased on the item. Those who can not consent please refrain from purchasing. IQOS holder separately

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