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【With LED display】 Ocean-C Q2 IQOS compatible machine Temperature adjustable once (heating with display / electricity at a glance) 15 chains Smokable Iocos compatible electronic cigarette (black)

¥ 4,780

【evolution point from Q1】 ❉ Luxury up ❉ Q1 is a matte raised texture with 100% plastic, but Q2 heating tank, display and surroundings are changed to metal, plenty of luxury is plentiful. ❉ Increase battery capacity ❉ Up to 1000 mAH, you will be able to aspirate 15 continuously.
[Equipped with LED display] With the latest Icos compatible machine, the heating temperature and the amount of electricity are obvious from the display and convenient to handle.
【Adjustable heating temperature once】 Since temperature can be adjusted once per unit, absolute optimum heating temperature will be found by suction habits.
【360 degree omnidirectional heating type】 It is a 360 degree omnidirectional heating type electronic cigarette. It is more durable than the ICOS heating blade without breaking / cleaning difficulties; by heating more uniformly, you can enjoy the taste of paper cigarette more.
[Relief] If it is a failure of normal use, it can be exchanged for a new article within 3 months.

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