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[カルティエ] Cartier K18 WG Diamond 3P (0.22 ct) / Half Dialab Ring Ring # 51 (No. 11) B 40325 Used

¥ 128,000

[状態説明]: There are no big scratches that can be discerned by the naked eye and it is in a beautiful state.
This item has been washed by the manufacturer.
: K18 WG (white gold) diamond 3 ((19459001)]: Ring size: # 51 (No. 11) Length: 5.4 mm Thickness: 2.0 mm Weight: 8.9 g
0.22 ct)
[商品コード] 1803142
Cartier's love ring with alternating bis motifs and diamonds arrived! The three stone diamonds released with beautiful sparkle and luxury Plus jewelry ♪
[付属品] regular shop finish certificate / our shop BOX or cloth bag
[当店保証] our warranty 1 month

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