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The traditional Aikos has evolved! !!

■ 4 major evolution points
1. To the world’s most advanced heat control TM technology
By improving the coating technology of the blade that heats directly from the inside of the tobacco, you can enjoy the original taste of tobacco even more.

2. Charging time reduced by about 20%
More freedom and comfort.
The time to charge the holder has been shortened. You can use it immediately with less waiting time.

3. Adopt high brightness white LED
We have adopted a high-brightness white LED so that the status of the device can be clearly seen even in a bright place.

4. Equipped with a vibrator function
Added the function to notify the start of heating and the remaining 30 seconds of heating by shaking.
It is more intuitive and more convenient to use.

■ How to order name stamp
Please be sure to enter your name in the gift message field in the gift settings before confirming your order.
1. Please select the desired product and add it to your shopping cart.
2. For PC, after 1., check the gift setting of the item you put in the cart by editing the cart, and press the button to proceed to the cashier.
For smartphones, after 1., check the gift settings and press the button to proceed to the cashier.
3. When you set the delivery address, the gift setting screen will appear. Check “Include gift message” at the bottom of the screen and enter “Name” in the message field.
* If the characters with the name cannot be confirmed, we may ship without the name.
* You cannot specify the name-inserted characters for each charger or holder.
* We will stamp the information you contact us as it is, so please be careful not to make any mistakes.
* Only the white charger has a gold name.

* Although it is a new and unused item, it is necessary to take out the main body for engraving, so we will open the package once.
* Normally, we will ship within 2 days after receiving your order, but it may take some time before shipping due to congestion of orders.
* To use, the separately sold iQOS cigarette “Marlboro Heat Stick” is required.
* The Marlboro heat stick in the image is not included.
* If the product is replaced due to a malfunction, we will not be able to accept the name again.
* Please note that colors may look different depending on your monitor settings. Gift wrapped and recommended as a gift!
The traditional Aikos has evolved! ★ To the world’s most advanced heat control TM technology ★ Reduce charging time by about 20% ★ Adopt high brightness white LED ★ Equipped with vibrator function
Set contents: iQOS holder, pocket charger, dedicated AC adapter, dedicated USB cable, dedicated cleaner brush, user guide
Holder size: Diameter 9.5 cm x Circumference 1 cm / Charger size: Length 11 cm x Width 5.5 cm x Depth x 2 cm

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