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traditional icos evolved! !

■ Four major evolution points
1. To the world's most advanced heat control TM technology
Improvement of the coating technology of blades which directly heats from the inside of tobacco, the taste of the original cigarette I can enjoy even more.

2. Reduced charging time by approximately 20%
More freely and comfortably.
The time to charge the holder has shortened. It can be used immediately with less waiting time.

3. Adopting high brightness white LED
We adopted a high brightness white LED so that the status of the device can be clearly seen even in bright places.

4. Equipped with vibrator function
Added function to inform you of trembling the remaining 30 seconds of heating start and heating completion.
Intuitively, you can use it more conveniently.

■ Name Insertion Ordering Method
Please be sure to enter your name insertion letter in the gift message column at gift setting before order confirmation.
1. Please select the desired item and put it in the shopping cart.
2. In case of PC, after 1., please check the gift setting of the item put in the cart by editing the cart, please press the button to advance to the checkout button.
In the case of a smartphone, after 1., please check the gift setting and press the button to advance to the cash register.
3. After setting the addressee address, it will be the gift setting screen so please check "Include gift message" at the bottom of the screen and fill in "Name" in the message field.
※ If you can not confirm the name insertion letter, we may ship without name insertion.
* It is not possible to specify a letter to put in a name for each charger or holder.
* Since we will mark the content you contact as it is, please do not make a mistake.
* Enter only white charger name Font color will be gold.

* Although it is a brand new unused item, it is necessary to take out the main unit for stamping, so we will unpack the package once.
* Usually we will ship within 2 days after we receive your order, but we may get time to ship, such as when orders are crowded.
※ To use it requires an optional iQOS only cigarette "Marlboro Heat Stick".
※ Marlboro heat stick of the image is not attached.
※ If you have been replaced due to a failure to re-enter your name can not be accepted at all.
Regarding the way the color looks, please understand beforehand because it may look different, depending on the settings of your monitor etc. Gift wrapped already recommended for gifts!
Traditional ICOS evolved! ★ To the world's most advanced heat control TM technology ★ Reduced charging time by approximately 20% ★ Adopted high brightness white LED ★ Equipped with vibrator function
Contents: iQOS holder, pocket charger, dedicated AC adapter, dedicated USB cable , Exclusive cleaner brush, user guide
holder size: diameter 9.5 cm × circumference 1 cm / charger size: length 11 cm × width 5.5 cm × depth × 2 cm

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