¥ 4,980

2018 latest model, iQos compatible product with 1 year quality guarantee. Safe and secure specification design with after-sales service guarantee by a Japanese company.[Up to 12 can be used continuously. Heat-not-burn electronic cigarette]As an iQos compatible machine, it is very useful during work breaks and breaks, and you can smoke immediately when you want to smoke. This product is recommended for busy businessmen and heavy smokers.
[Best sucking comfort in the latest model of 2018]Optimal heating temperature derived by more than 100 tests. You can enjoy the taste of iQos heat stick in the best condition.
[High quality / safety]High quality that has passed numerous tests such as drop test and temperature test. There is no need to worry about fire because it is heated by a blade and does not use fire.In addition to the dedicated cleaner stick, you can also clean with a tissue or cotton swab.
[Easy operation / large capacity battery]When the heat stick is inserted, the switch on the holder is automatically lowered, and when the switch is raised, it can be removed. Uses a quick-charge compatible battery, and charging is completed in about 30 minutes at the fastest.It can also be charged from a charger or PC
[One-year warranty for peace of mind]AMORI’s high-performance heated electronic cigarette. We are particular about the details of the package from the main body. It is a fashionable and luxurious product that is also recommended as a gift.

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