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爆買 have let the psychology of the Japanese-made ramen in Muslim – Diamond online

...  Psychology that was had爆買 made ​​in Japan ramen to Muslims Diamond Online In this series, "black psychology", ...  of psychology research to base. Halal corresponding ramen Muslims of many Malaysians rejoice has a high price, it was not yet ...

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Do you know ippudo ? 一風堂 in UK

...  you like ramen (noodle) in Japan ? Ippudo is the most popular ramen (noodle) shop in Japan , and they opened another branch in UK. https://www.thecaterer.com/articles/356574/ramen-group-ippudo-to-open-second-uk-site Ippudo is my favorite noodle shop ...

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Our projects update – 4th Feb, 2012 -2

...  Japanese snacks poppin cookin serise. sushi, bento , ramen.... and so ...

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