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Welcome to Personal Shopper Japan. We are ready to help you buy anything in Japan!
We can buy from ANY ONLINE STORE, AUCTION SITE, DEPARTMENT STORE, any retail store in Japan.
We provide a Personal Shopping Service here in Japan, as well as serving as an Auction Agent Service.


What is Personal Shopper Service?

We will buy/purchase items for you in Japan and send directly to you
by using only the services provided by Personal Shopper Japan.
In short, forwarding service, proxy service provider, deputy service provider in Japan.
You can buy from any store, shop, online store with our support.
(rakuten / amazon Japan / yahoo auction / mboka / rakuten auction / uniqlo / muji ….)
Some stores only accept Japanese credit cards and won’t ship overseas.
Furthermore, most of the sellers in the Auction Market don’t send overseas.
Therefore, buyers like you need to communicate with the sellers, usually in Japanese, after purchasing.

– Any Online Stores and Retail Stores –

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Auction Service
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We can buy auction items for you. We'll communicate with the seller, pay for the item, receive it and ship to you.

Japan has 2 famous internet auction sites , one is “Yahoo Auction” and the other is “Mobaoku (MBOK)“.
Yes, we know you know eBay very well, but unfortunately, eBay is not so famous in Japan and there aren’t many items listed.
Therefore, you will need to find your product in Yahoo Auction to see many good deals.

Shopping service in Osaka and Tokyo

Located in Yokohama and Osaka,
we have great access to all shopping hubs like
Osaka, Kobe, Shibuya , Shinjyuku , Tokyo , Ginza , Roppongi , Harajuku , Akihabara , Ikebukuro , Odaiba

Popular Past Requests

Since 2011, we have been received many requests!
Here you can see our past requests.

Here are some common problems that you may face when you want to buy something from Japan…

Common Problems

You will face these common problems
while shopping online shops in Japan / buying from Japan.
You found a good product, but they don’t ship outside of Japan.
You finally found the best price on an online store, but they don’t accept your credit card. You can only use credit cards issued in Japan, bank transfer or cash on delivery (COD).
You don’t have the time to travel to Japan and buy good products for the right price.
You forgot to buy a souvenir for your family and friends.
You’re interested in buying a limited edition product that is exclusively sold online in Japan. I want it !
You’re interested in buying a new game that will soon be released in Japan. I want that before my friends have that !

We have a solution !

easy steps to buy items from Japan without any difficulties.
Send us request through request form
Wait for our reply… Quote and information for your request
Confirm Order and Pay with your Credit Card or Paypal
We’ll buy items for you
We’ll repack items with bubble wrapping for protection during international shipping.
Our staff will send you weight,international shipping cost, etc.
Confirm Shipping and Pay
We’ll ship items to you, and tell you tracking number.
You can track your package anytime !
You’ll receive your package, and leave us feedback
Thank you for using service.

With over 5 years of experience in purchasing, postage, handling and care,
you can be rest assured that your goods will arrive safely to your doorstep.



PSJ Co.Ltd. (PSJ株式会社)
Registration number 0200-01-107830, Japan.
(HQ) 1-13-10 Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa, Japan
(Osaka Branch) 2-4-25 Edobori, Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan

Our strengths include:

Personal Shopper Japan

Well Established Organization

(With all Japanese staffs,

and all exclusively assigned to

Personal Shopper Japan operation)


Reliable and Speedy Customer Service

(our character Ninja represents

Reliable and Lightning speed service.)


Quality Packaging for Safe Delivery

(we repack items bought from stores

in order to ensure they are protected from

being damaged while in transit)


Personalized Service to Meet Individual Needs

(Very flexible and customizable service

upon request from our customer)

Steps - How to Buy from Japan

Easy steps to buy item from Japan and receive at your home.


All our staff are Japanese and bilingual.
Therefore, communication will never be a problem.

We are featured as one of Japan Post’s
International Shopping service providers.

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Feel free to look us up on the Kanagawa Prefecture Official page using the following details No.451910007770 Site domain http://personalshopperj.com/

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