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Buy from Sanrio shop — Hello Kitty bracelet

Buy from Sanrio shop — Hello Kitty bracelet
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  • Listed: February 23, 2014 01:10
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Buy from Sanrio shop — Hello Kitty

・Yuko Yamaguchi × Maru Lani Hawaii bracelet  NEXT ONE-Flower-

・Yuko Yamaguchi × Maru Lani Hawaii bracelet  NEXT ONE-Ribbon-

We got requests for this item many times.

Now accepting your request !


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Buy items from uniqlo japan for customers

Buy items from uniqlo japan for customers. we got many orders from customers many times, and accepting requests anytime.

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Buy from in japan in japan is not able to send items to overseas. but we'll buy for you and send to you! please let us know what you want with sending us urls or item names. we can send you estimation asap ! start from ...

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Buy items from muji store in japan

Buy items from muji store japan we got this request many times from customers, and accepting requests anytime.

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Bao bao bag by issey miyake

Bao bao bag  by issey miyake

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Buy from character shop — hello kitty tote bag

Nina mew × hello kitty sanrio tote bag buy from character shop we got requests for this item many times. now accepting your request !

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