Kitkat Limited Edition All Flavors set, 15 limited edition

Kitkat Limited Edition All Flavors set, 15 limited edition
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  • Listed: February 12, 2014 09:00
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Kitkat Limited Edition All Flavors set, 15 limited edition,matcha, green tea etc


[ Set includes ]

1. Shinshu Apple x 1 (apple flavor)
2. Shogoin Yatsuhashi x 1 (cinnamon cookie flavor)
3. Itohkyuemon Uji Matcha x 1 (Green tea / Matcha flavor)
4. Strawberry Cheese Cake x 1 (strawberry cheese cake flavor)
5. Amaou Strawberry x 1 (Strawberry flavor)
6. Tamaruya Head Store Wasabi x 1 (Wasabi flavor)
7. Yawataya Isogoro Ichimi x 1 (Japanese red pepper flavor)
8. Zunda x 1 (Green soybeans flavor)
9. Tokyo Rum Raison x 1 (Rum Raison flavor)
10. Itohkyuemon Houji Tea x 1 (Roasted green tea flavor)
11. Azuki Sandwich x 1 (Red beans flavor)
12. Kankitsu golden brend x 1 (Citrus golden blend flavor)
13. Beni Imo x 1 (Purple sweet potato flavor)
14. Assort of West Japan area flavors (6 flavors)
15. Assort of East Japan area flavors (6 flavors)

Item is in stock
These flavors are only available in Japan.

Condition of Item : New,Sealed
Expiry date: 2014 / 06


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