Our Charge

Our Charge
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our charge

Our charge is 10% of total item cost.

Minimum charge is 1500YEN (per 1 store)

We cannot buy from fraud / not legitimate site / stores.

We have some request that ask us to buy from such sites (maybe customer doesn’t know if legitimate or not),

but no problem, we’ll tell you if that’s a good store or not with our experience. 


Example 1

Cost of items total = 5600 YEN
Our service charge = 10% = 560 YEN
But, minimum charge is applied = 1500 YEN

So, Our charge Total = 1500 YEN

Example 2

Cost of items total = 56800 YEN
Domestic shipping = 1200 YEN
Our service charge = 10% = 5680 YEN

Our charge Total = 5680 YEN

Example 3

Buy from 3 stores, total 10000 YEN

Buy from Store A

3000 YEN item + domestic shipping 648 YEN

Buy from Store B

15000 YEN item + Free domestic shipping

Buy from Store C

500 YEN item + domestic shipping 756 YEN


Our charge will be

Store A = 1500 YEN

Store B = 1500 YEN

Store C = 1500 YEN

So, Total = 4500 YEN

in detail :  1500 (Store A, minimum 1500YEN) + 1500 (Store B, 10%) + 1500 (Store C, minimum 1500 YEN)

Example 4

Buy over 10 pcs items

We have to count and check if we could receive right items or not.

So there will be extra charge for buying more than 10 pcs.

If the total cost is high enough, we can discount many items charge.

Example 5

Add item after request closed

we can add item after request closed, but there will be item add cost 500 YEN per item.


*Our charge is calculated from ITEM COST ONLY. NOT includes Domestic shipping / international shipping.

Easy to remember, if your item costs

less than 15000 YEN, then 1500 YEN

over 15000 YEN, then 10%

Followings are OPTIONAL Plans. We can do following services upon your request


Option plans

Ticket Reservation / buying

Ticets are hard to get sometimes, and we have to go to nearest convenience store to issue tickets. so we have to add 1500 YEN for ticket request.
1500 YEN per request

Pre-Order items

Order Pre-order items for you.
1500 YEN per item

Many items

Buy more than 10 pcs
+ 500 to 1500 YEN per 10 items (depends on item price)

Take picture and send

We’ll take picture and send to you via e-mail before shipping out your items.
500 YEN per request

Add extra packing cushions

Add more bubble wrap, padded paper for protection (our usual packing is already enough for protection, but for some heavy items)
300 – 1000 YEN per package, depends on the size of the package.


*Travel cost charge will be applied when our staff have to visit store.

Staff Travel charge = minimum 2000 YEN, depends on the place.
* If you would like to use ebay as a trading method – feel free to order us so.

We’ll prepare ebay listing for you. Please note that there will be ebay charge, so we have to add that cost to our estimation.

Other special items (custom made item / adult items / big items etc…) will cost additional charge. Please ask us when you place request.

Shipping cost table is here

Our Terms of use and privacy policy

You can see both from here
Privacy policy

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