Ship to Worldwide

Ship to Worldwide
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We can ship to following areas (almost all over the world)

by EMS (Express International shipping by Japan Post)

Also, you can choose shipping method from 3 options.
  • EMS (Express with tracking number)
  • Normal Air (under 2kg, fair speed and cost)
  • SAL (Cheapest, but not recommended)
EMS is the best way, because Customs check is few for most of cases.


Asia (First Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
First Zone
Available for some areas
Indonesia All areas
Korea All areas
Cambodia All areas
Guam All areas
Saipan All areas
Singapore All areas
Sri Lanka All areas
Thailand All areas
Taiwan All areas
China All areas
Available for some areas
Available for some areas
Bangladesh All areas
Available for some areas
Available for some areas
Available for some areas
Vietnam All areas
Hong Kong All areas
Macao All areas
Malaysia All areas
Available for some areas
Available for some areas
Mongolia All areas
Laos All areas

Oceania (Second Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
Second Zone
Australia All regions. The Christmas, Cocos (Keeling), Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands are excepted.
Available for some areas
New Caledonia All areas
New Zealand All regions. The Ross Dependency (Antarctic zone extending along longitudes 160 east to 150 west, and terminating at latitude 60 south) is excepted.
Papua New Guinea All areas
Fiji All areas

North America/Central America (Second Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
North America/Central America
(Second Zone)
USA All areas. However, the territories of American military bases with the three first digits of the postal codes being 090-098, 962-966, and 340 are excluded.
El Salvador All areas
Canada All areas
Cuba All areas
Costa Rica All areas
Jamaica All areas
Trinidad and Tobago All areas
Panama All areas
Barbados All areas
Honduras All areas
Mexico All areas

Middle East (Second Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
Second Zone
(Middle East)
United Arab Emirates All areas
Israel All areas
Iraq All areas
Iran All areas
Oman All areas
Qatar All areas
Cyprus All areas
Kuwait All areas
Saudi Arabia All areas
Syria All areas
Turkey All areas
Bahrain All areas
Jordan All areas

Europe (Second Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
Second Zone
Iceland All areas
Ireland All areas
Available for some areas
Italy All areas
Available for some areas
United Kingdom All regions, excepting territories overseas.
Estonia All areas
Austria All areas
Netherlands All areas
Greece All areas
Croatia All areas
Switzerland All areas
Sweden All areas
Spain All areas
Slovakia All areas
Slovenia All areas
Czech Republic All areas
Denmark All regions. Greenland and the Faeroes are excepted.
Germany All areas
Norway All areas
Hungary All areas
Finland All areas
All Territories (Including Overseas Departments, but excluding Overseas Territories). (Some of the territories are subject to a different price.)
Bulgaria All areas
Belarus All areas
Belgium All areas
Poland All areas
Portugal All areas
Macedonia All areas
Malta All areas
Monaco All areas
Latvia All areas
Lithuania All areas
Liechtenstein All areas
Luxembourg All areas
Romania All areas
Russian Federation Excluding certain areas

South America (Third Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
Third Zone
(South America)
Argentina All areas
Uruguay All areas
Ecuador All areas
Colombia All areas
Chile All areas
Paraguay All areas
Brazil All areas
Venezuela All areas
Peru All areas

Africa (Third Zone)

Zone Name Country/Area Name Covered Area
Third Zone
Algeria All areas
Uganda All areas
Egypt All areas
Ethiopia All areas
Ghana All areas
Available for some areas
Available for some areas
Cote d’Ivoire All areas
Sierra Leone
Under suspension
Djibouti All areas
Zimbabwe All areas
Sudan Available for some areas
Senegal All areas
Available for some areas
Tunisia All areas
Togo All areas
Nigeria All areas
Available for some areas
Available for some areas
Republic of South Africa All areas
Mauritius All areas
Morocco All areas
Rwanda All areas


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Currency conversion rate varies time by time, but1 YEN is Around 0.01 USD.more simple, 1 USD…

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