¥ 2,100

Product features
① Heat stick stand
(2) micro USB cable outlet (left and right)
③ USB cable outlet (2 places)
④ iQOS holder charging stand
⑤ Butt holder (2 places)
⑥ iQOS Charger Charging Stand
⑦ Ashtray (can store about 25 bottles)

Product Features
1. This product is for iQOS holder: A1402 / A1403, iQOS charger: A1502 / A1503 only. (As of August 2018)
2. It can be used with an in-car cup holder that can store the size.
3. If the iQOS charger has a cover attached, it may not be able to be stored in this product.
4, This product comes with a micro USB cable.
5, This product can directly charge the iQOS holder.
6. Charging speed depends on the capacity of the connected USB power supply and micro USB cable.
7. Please note that you cannot use a micro USB plug that exceeds the dimensions or a micro USB plug with a special shape such as an L type.

1. Never throw fire into the cigarette butt case, such as cigarette butts other than heat sticks.
1. Do not install in a place that interferes with the operation or operation of the airbag.
2. Limit the number of cigarette butts to 20 and throw away the butts frequently.
3. Do not let the micro USB connection part get wet or bring the butts close to it.
4. When attaching the iQOS charger to this product, do not force it in. It may damage the iQOS charger or damage the carcos.
5. Make sure that the main body of the mosquito is firmly solidified in the cup holder in the car before using it.
6. Regularly inspect the main unit and discontinue use if any abnormality is found in the main unit, cap, micro USB connection part, etc.

Input voltage: DC5V (± 0.25V)
Power consumption: 10mA (LED built into the main unit)
Allowable current: 2.4A

Recommended power supply and cable
Power supply capable of outputting 2A or more at DC5V
Micro USB cable with allowable current of 2A or more (attached cable recommended)
[Both the holder and charger can be charged]Since both the holder and charger can be charged, you can go out without worrying about the battery level.
[Multi-function]In addition to having all the necessary functions such as holder function, charging function, and ashtray function, there are also two USB cable outlets, and mobile phones can also be charged. With a micro USB cable, it is convenient to charge by connecting the USB wire and setting the main unit.
[Ashtray function]It also has an ashtray function and can store about 25 butts, and the bottom lid can be opened to easily organize the remaining butts. The design and size of the cup can be placed in the drink holder inside the car and can be touched, so it is easy to throw away the butts.
[Nice design]With a built-in LED light, you can immediately check the position of the ashtray and the holder insertion port even at night by shining the LED light from the hole. Since it uses a retaining structure, the holder and charger are firmly fixed, and even if the speed of the car reaches 250 KM / H, it is hard to come off and charging can be done without interruption.
[Quality Assurance]If you receive our products and have any problems, please feel free to contact us. Returns. Refunds. Replacements and free support. We value the customer’s ideas the most and provide products that satisfy our customers.

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