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Smoke comfort Continuous use Continuous use Electronic cigarette Smoke feeling Time is short I ordered Japanese in the instruction manual and it is easy to use the next day Continuous smoking Operation method Temperature control Continuous smoke Wine red Convenient to carry Short time Smoke comfort Smoke time Purchase a compatible machine that can smoke continuously. It’s a little big. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to use. Continuous use automatic cleaning. It’s a short time to smoke continuously. It’s a compact size. Aikos heating. Equipped with notification vibe function and high-brightness LED]It is equipped with a notification vibe function and high-brightness LED to confirm the operation like IQOS, and adopts a more understandable interface. It is equipped with a vibrator and can notify the start and end of suction. You can see the battery level at a glance with the high-brightness LED indication. With the power on, press the button once to turn on the lamp and start heating.
♪[25 consecutive new Aikos compatible vape]Heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes are a new era of heat-not-burn cigarettes that cut 90% of harmful substances, do not emit sidestream smoke, and do not smell, and are healthy electronic cigarettes. Equipped with a large capacity battery, it can be used for cartridges such as Aikos compatible machines and Marlboro / HEETS / parliament, which have a long life. It can continuously suck about 25 bottles on a full charge. The sucking time is 3 minutes and 30 seconds each.
♪[Superior satisfaction]♪ 1. Ergonomic appearance and detailed design, high quality aluminum alloy grip is the best. Compact, lightweight, convenient to carry, and fits snugly in your hand. ♪ 2. Because it is a plated surface treatment, it is hard to get scratches and fingerprints on the main body and it has an excellent feel. ♪ 3, The design allows you to remove the burner, which is very convenient for removing the cartridge. ♪ 4, The heating pin can be completely exposed when the cover is removed, so it is easy to clean and has excellent durability that does not break easily. IQOS compatible machine that does not have to worry about the heating rod breaking.
♪[Aikos compatible machine that allows you to check the battery level at a glance]Unlike other models, it is equipped with a high-brightness LED lamp, so you can check the battery level at a glance. 0-10% for one white lamp; 10% -80% for two white lamps; 88% -100% for three white lamps. Note: The innermost light is the operation presentation light, and the other three lights are the charge presentation light.
♪[90-day warranty]If the product becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use, it will be replaced free of charge within 90 days.[Package contents]: Body * 1 point; Cleaner brush * 1 point; Cotton swab * 1 set; Japanese instruction manual * 1 point; USB charge cable * 1 point.

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