¥ 399

[Response]iQOS / iQOS 2.4 Plus
[Content]One band exclusively for Aikos
[Material]Uses rubber made in Japan with excellent elasticity Fastener: Polycarbonate
[Manufacturing]Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
* The image Aikos body and cartridge are not included.
✅[Designed exclusively for Aikos]This is a dedicated band made exclusively for Aikos.
✅[Optimized rubber strength]Securely fix the iQOS lid. Easy to put on and take off!
✅[Reliably fix the lid]Prevents unstable charging of the holder by not closing the lid properly. If you want to smoke, prevent “Oh, the holder wasn’t charged …”.
✅[Prevention of damage to the lid]Protects the charger by absorbing the impact in the unlikely event of a fall.
✅[Holder pop-out / damage prevention]When dropped, the lid opens to prevent the holder from popping out, which also helps protect the holder.

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