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I wanted to offer something to someone important to me. Think of a gift you want to offer to someone you love, but i could only find this good in Japan, i couldn’t find it for sale where i live. How could i get this? It was very important for me to buy this specific item. Since it was only available in Japan, i asked personalshopperj for their services. It was the best decision: As usual, the service was amazing, and incredibly helpful to get what i wanted. For this item, there was multiple options available, and Ninja J asked me to choose the option of my choice, so when i received the gift, it is exactly what i wanted. The item arrived fast, and i could see it was very well packed up with care. It was very important that the item was handled with care due to the nature of the Japanese goods, and Ninja J made an amazing job to ensure the item would arrive in the best possible condition. Also, i told Ninja J that the item was a gift i wanted to offer to someone important for me, and he told me this person will be very happy when i will give him the gift. This kind of dedication from personalshopperj, to be sure to please their customers, is amazing. So what you have here is fast service, handled with care, well packed, and more. I’m thankful to personalshopperj for this amazing shopping service, very efficient, and i’m greatful for the way the item was handled, i really appreciate. Thank you very much, and of course it’s a 5/5
Personal Shopper Japan reply:
Thank you for using our service and feedback !
It was a bit complicated request, but many communication with you and us made it easier, and reduce misunderstandings, human errors.
Sometimes, items has additional meanings such as human heart, gratitude, token… so not a thing, but it’s a expression of your feelings.
We think it’s important for human life, so we processed this request carefully.
Thank you very much again for honorable feedback, we are happy to serve you again anytime.

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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