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Amazing service, lives up to their “personal” title

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Review from customer:
So I was just lurking around the internet, looking for a Japanese Consignment service provider, most of which either flat out told me that they do not provide digital services, or they still haven’t reply me (it was 3 days ago)

I chanced upon this site on a complete accident, read around the site but did not see anything about Digital stuff, so I was ready to leave but decided to try my luck to ask them for a quote, after all, they pride themselves as a Personal Shopper

Not only were they professional, they acceded to my request. I had never used a consignment service provider from Japan before, but I felt very assured that they would deliver, not only were they polite, they answer emails extremely promptly, as in, within a standard of hours (unlike days from other services)

Overall, I received my items really fast, too bad they had a small issue with their connection, but that is no big problem, when they answer so quickly

So yea, I would recommend them without a doubt, they really deserve their name of Personal Shopper Japan.

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and great feedback.
It was a bit tricky request, but we could make another happy customer.

Speed is the key for our business sometimes, so we are happy with your review, and our staff’s efficiency.

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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