¥ 9,999

❤ Chain smoke is possible ❤ AOKEY iX Aikos compatible products can continuously suck, unlike conventional heated cigarettes, and achieves an amazing suction time of 4 minutes 36 seconds, with one full charge You can enjoy up to 18 cigarettes in a row.
❤ With OLED display & easy to operate ❤ With OLED display, you can see at a glance the battery level, puff, suction start, suction end time, etc. The switch can be turned on and off 5 times in a row within 3 seconds by pressing the switch button, and when the message “OK” appears on the display, the preparation is complete and suction can be performed.
❤ 360 ° heating & taste equivalent to Aikos ❤ AOKEY iX is a non-flammable constant temperature ceramic heating rod that suppresses temperature changes, can be heated uniformly, and uses two batteries to control the output By doing so, the time to heating can be shortened. This will bring out a mellow taste. You can enjoy the same smoking feeling as Aikos and enjoy a satisfying taste without worrying about smoke.
❤ With high / low temperature adjustment & compact ❤ With high / low temperature adjustment, you can adjust it to your liking by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds or longer while the power is on. The main body is small and light, and the attached case is also attached, so it is convenient to carry. An easy-to-understand Japanese manual is also included.In addition, black and blue colors are also available from our shop.
❤ Long-term 6-month warranty ❤ We will maintain a system that can respond promptly to product failures and initial defects, and if there is a defect such as a failure, we will replace it free of charge. Package contents: ● IQOS Aikos compatible machine body * 1 ● Cleaner brush * 1 ● Japanese product manual * 1 ● Product pass certificate * 1 ● USB charge cable * 1 ● Exclusive luxury case * 1

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