¥ 9,080

This product was developed and manufactured by hitaste.jp Co., Ltd., and is not iQos.[Replacement improved from iQOS]This is an iQos compatible product that can be used with iQOS cigarette cartridges. With one full charge, you can use 8-10 bottles in a row without recharging.
[Innovative tobacco heating system]90% cut of harmful substances, no sidestream smoke, no odor, no fire. There is no ash. There is little odor. Does not pollute the air. Heating real tobacco leaves with innovative heat technology ・ I want to reduce the unpleasant feelings of smoke and odor while enjoying the original taste of tobacco.
[How to use]Quickly insert the cigarette cartridge as far as it will go. Then press it 3 times in a row to turn it on, and when you press it, the lamp lights up white 3 times, heating starts after 15 seconds, it lights up in blue at that time, heating time is 3 minutes 30 seconds, please suck during heating, heating time is over When it becomes, the lamp lights up in red, and when the red lamp stops blinking, you can smoke.
[Compact]Sophisticated design, compact to gather in your hand, fashionable and convenient to carry. Easy charging with USB.
[Caution]Before using the product, please read the Japanese instruction manual carefully and use the electronic cigarette correctly. If you have any questions or quality problems with the product, please contact us at any time. If it becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use within 3 months after purchase, we will replace it free of charge.[Set contents]Dedicated battery body x 1 USB cable x 1 Gift box x 1 Inspection certificate x 1 Dedicated battery body x 1 USB cable x 1 Gift box x 1 Inspection certificate x 1 Insulation rubber x 2 Stand x 1

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