We can buy auction items for you.

We communicate with the seller, pay for the item,

receive it and finally send to you.

Japan has 2 famous internet auction sites , one is “Yahoo Auction” and the other is “Rakuten Auction“.

Yes, we know you know eBay very well, but unfortunately, eBay is not so famous in Japan and there aren’t many items listed.

Therefore, you will need to find your product in Yahoo Auction or Rakuten Auction to see many good deals.


Typical Problems

  1. Can’t find what I’m looking for… only Japanese Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana is available !? No English???
  2. Buyer can’t complete transactions for some reason. For example, they can’t read “I want to buy this” !?
  3. Seller can’t ship their item internationally, outside of Japan
  4. How can I pay a seller in Yahoo Auction ?


We have a solution !

easy steps to buy items from Japan without any difficulties.

  1. Send us request through request form
  2. Wait for our reply… Quote and information for your request
  3. Confirm Order and Pay with your Credit Card or Paypal
  4. We’ll buy items for you
  5. We’ll repack items with bubble wrapping for protection during international shipping.
  6. Our staff will send you weight,international shipping cost, etc.
  7. Confirm Shipping and Pay
  8. We’ll ship items to you, and tell you tracking number.
  9. You can track your package anytime !
  10. You’ll receive your package, and leave us feedback
  11. Thank you for using service.


Our Charge for our Auction Service

1500 YEN minimum and depends on item cost (usually 10% of item cost)


Here’s example for cost calculation for buying from auction.

If we bought 3980 YEN item from auction, then

Here’s estimation for you,

Item Price = 3980 YEN
Domestic Shipping = 540 YEN
Our Charge = 1500 YEN (minimum 1500 YEN applied)
Wrapping and handling = FREE (for small items)
Yahoo auction charge (not our profit,yahoo auction takes 5.4% of the all cost.) = 244 YEN
Paypal Expense Charge (4% of the total cost + 40 YEN , not our profit) = 291 YEN
Total = 6264 + 291 = 6555 YEN

If you find any good auction listings, then please send us URL of the item, then we can send you an estimated price ASAP.


Any questions are always welcome !

Our friendly and helpful staff are always happy to meet your needs.

Here’s our contact form

Contact form for auction service !

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