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Black F Safiano Leather tone leather Icocase case Icos case iQOS case carabiner iQOS storage iocos cover iQOS cover hard case main cigarette case men's ladies carabiner included 2.4 Plus all in one 10071-100-100_h

¥ 3,120

size: width 57 mm × depth 47 mm × height 125 mm
Product weight: 64 g

Product explanation
Simple and smart ICOS case appears!
Various types of iqos cases have appeared, but
eventually simple and user-friendly, chic type is the best choice!
Sasiano leather-like finish drifting familiar with hands and luxurious.
Compact key hook type hanging carabiner.
There is no button etc in the opening / closing part of the magnet type, there is no annoyance at all.
Usability is very good as the hole to be inserted in charging is open at the bottom.
There is also a commitment in the confirmation window of the charge lamp and the heat stick box storage part.
When changing the heat stick box, a hole is installed so that it can be extruded from the bottom.
It is a designed design that treats ICICOS everyday very convenient.
Protect ICOS in a smart and compact manner regardless of gender, and carry
. It is an ICOS Case item of favorite.

Reason for being selected
Simple design drifting luxuriously × Saffiano leather style
Directing the atmosphere of adults! I can carry an ICOS smartly.

Fashionable and compact
Notice not only the appearance but also ease of use!
There is no wasted space, and it is cute and compact
Because it is a gathered design, it is easy to carry without disturbing!

Charging OK while in the case OK
It is also a nice point to be able to charge without taking it out!
Not only stylish looks but also functional aspects are solid.
Everything is completed without taking out from the case!

Color variations that can be used with unisex
Since it is a classic coloring
fashionable adult design that can be used even in unisex. "Size: 57 mm width × depth 47 mm × height 125 mm
Material: Outside: PU leather
(Bliss leather) Introducing fashionable saffieno leather style ICocos case from BlissLeather Luxury quality fine PU leather Of course it is an elegant and fashionable adult's icos with material that is superior in appearance but lightweight yet durable and water repellent.The body charger · heat stick can be stored, with a belt loop and carabiner bags and trousers It is convenient to be hooked on.It can be charged with a charger or a battery with a cable while keeping it in a case.Although it is a fashionable design specification, I will use it in various scenes for business formal party second party.Age sex Regardless of those in their 20's 30's 40's 40's 50's 60's male pairs You can use it as design for any age You can use it for a long time gifts birthday gift Mother's Day Recommended for my father's day.

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