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Black genuine leather Crocodile leather Icos case Icos 2 pcs iQOS cover purse type 2.4 Plus leather mens

¥ 20,000

Size: length 8.5 cm × width 15.5 cm × gusset 4 cm
Weight: 100 g Material: outer crocodile leather (real leather) Inner genuine leather
Included: Dedicated gift box included

elegant and stylish adult icos put in crocodile leather which is "leather jewelry"
The overwhelming It is a crocodile leather with a presence.
Excellent also in durability and water repellency, yet it is about 100 g lightweight.
Carefully selected parts to be used by Croc Leather so that the material stands out most carefully, carefully designing and producing the placement and balance, and commercializing only those that are recognized.
The same pattern is not two, "Only one in the world" is the ICOS Case.
With preliminary holder insertable rubber strap that can also accommodate two people.
Main Pocket Charger Holder Tobacco cleaner can be stored.
It is easy to use and easy to put in and out with round zip.
Large capacity convenient to carry all-in-one ICoscoss set.
You can use it regardless of age in a high-grade and dignified design.
It is perfect for birthdays, celebrations, presents and gifts for loved ones.
[Size]: length 8.5 cm × width 15.5 cm × gusset 4 cm
[Weight] About 100 g
[Material] Crocodile leather real leather 【attached】 Original gift box
amazon popularity ranking as rising 【Old type, compatible with both 2.4 Plus new type】 Leather jewelry An elegant and fashionable adult icos case using crocodile leather. It is also excellent in durability and water repellency, yet it is lightweight and functional, about 100 g. An elegant and fashionable gentleman adult's ICOS. Select carefully selected parts of Croc leather so that the material stands out most. We carefully designed and produced placement and balance, and commercialized only those which were recognized. The same thing is not present with two "one in the world" ICOS Case. Body Pocket Charger Tobacco Cleaner Holder Large capacity capable of all-in-one to the spare holder.
It is easy to take out with a round zip, and it is possible to have even two heat sticks. Precious crocodile leather of gentleman not influenced by fashion is fashionable and cool so it is beautiful so it is active not only for casual but formal business clothing. Birthday gift is also perfect for Father's Day celebration Valentine. Teenagers 20's 30's 40's 50's You can be patronized by male women in their 60's. It is also recommended as a present gift with original box.

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