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Black × Red F Fabric Leather Cowhide Spain Grafitture Leather Icocase Case ICOS Case iQOS Case iQOS 2.4 Plus Storage Icons Cover iQOS Cover Hard Case Body Cigarette Case Men's Women's Carabiner All in One 10115-100-168 _ i

¥ 6,480

Size: approximately 18.2 cm long 10 cm Machi 2.3 cm
Specifications: Icos body insert × 1 Heat stick insertion × 1 cleaner × 1 card pocket × 1
Material: Outside Spain leather inner microfiber

luxury ICos case new appearance! !
Smokers are treated sparsely any day.
Tobacco is a luxury goods, but now electronic cigarettes are becoming fashionable, with ICICS as the lead, and it is overwhelmingly stylish presence.
Electronic cigarettes spread rapidly, and I wonder if anyone who did not smoke so far has also started smoking from electronic cigarettes.
But, do you have any case to store everyone? What?
Although there are frequent cheap cases in the streets, we made a Grafit pattern ICO Case using high-quality Spain leather that can be differentiated from others.
It can be differentiated from other people with special leather whose surface is irregularly reflected. Interior colors are cool blue sky blue and cherry red full of passion.
Adopting a round fastener that emphasizes functionality, there is not any compromise in the design.
Size: Approximately 18.2 cm Vertical 10 cm Machi 2.3 cm
Material: Outer Spain Leather Inside Microfiber
Specifications: Icos body insert × 1 Heat stick putting × 1 Cleaner × 1 Card pocket × 1
(Bliss Leather) It is an introduction of a stylish GRAFITRE LEATHER ICOS CASE from BlissLeather. Use the highest peak Spain leather luxuriously. Quality cowhide with luxury feeling is an elegant and stylish adult icos put in using beautiful appearance, as well as lightweight material with excellent durability and water repellency. It can store smartly the ICOS main body, heat stick, cleaning kit, preliminary ICos holder, card. Round Zip sticks to the convenience of opening and closing, realizing handling without stress. It corresponds also to the new 2.4 Plus. It is an adult 's IQOS case that beautifully produces the taste of ICOS. Because it has become a fashionable design specification, we will use it in various scenes for business formal party second party. Regardless of age, gender, you can use it for people in the 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s male pair wide strata. Design is recommended for gifts birthday gift as you can patronize long regardless of age.

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