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mercari ( fril ( buy from free market, C2C sites – buy from Japan


Yes, we can buy items in Mercari, Fril for you, and ship to you.

Please send us request through contact form .

Copy and paste mercari / Fril URL and it’s done !


Mercari, Fril (Marketplace app)

Mercari provides a secure way for anyone to buy and sell stuff straight from their mobile device.

Sometimes, they have reasonable items, lower than market price.

And a lot of sellers in these sites are individuals, so it can have cheapest items / rare items.

Weak point is, sellers in these sites are mostly not so experienced sellers, compared with yahoo auction, amazon, rakuten.

So their response time can be slow, and shipping timing can be not as the standard ones.

depends on seller’s schedule, they ship out the item, so your patience is required.

Mercari / Fril have buyer protection system, so in case of problem happened, they can refund to us,

and after that, we can refund to you. But we need your patience (it can take time).

We have to communicate / process buying from mercari / fril with extra caution, so we’ll need additional charges to buy from these sites.


Please let us know if you are interested in buying from mercari, Fril listings.

mercari ( fril ( buy from free market, C2C sites – buy from Japan


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