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Royal Copenhagen Japan has :

  1. Special Japanese versions of Royal Copenhagen tableware.

  2. Price can be cheaper than Denmark, because of currency conversion rate.

  3. Beautiful package / wrapping by Japanese Royal Copenhagen staffs.

For example: Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Ovenware (3 sizes, with lid), available only in Royal Copenhagen Japan.

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Collectables, Tableware, and Figurines Literally Fit for a King

Striking just the right balance of simplicity and elegance is what first comes to mind when decorating our homes. If there’s one brand globally renowned for bringing us quality collectables, tableware and figurines it has to be Royal Copenhagen. Like a classic Chanel piece, these products are guaranteed to never go out of style and deliver those ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ we love to hear while hosting our tea parties.

As one of the oldest companies in history, dating back to 1775, a Danish chemist by the name of Franz Henrich Müller founded the company which was then famously later founded in 1779 by the Queen of Denmark, Queen Juliane Marie. Centuries later, Royal Copenhagen has grown significantly with different product lines and designs coming out every year and their stores are the most elegant stores you will find around, frequented by tourists all over the world since the first store opened in 1780.

The words prestige and fine dining are synonymous with the brand, with their line gracing the dining tables of royals and the elite for over 240 years. As with most successful brands, they are most known for their iconic designs. The Pattern Number 1, or the Blue Fluted design, is the one design people associate the brand with and is a constant go-to design for those starting their collection or on the hunt for an elegant and timeless piece.

Although most stores are located in Denmark, they have also taken the asian market by storm with stores opening up in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. If you have a browse through their websites, you’ll quickly notice the differences in the products in stock. As many Royal Copenhagen, or RC, collectors would know, some products may be initially launched in Japan for example and may then be launched later in Denmark the following year much to the delight of its loyal fans in Japan who are known for purchasing these products as gifts for special occasions. They are such a popular choice for wedding gifts in Japan that they even have a ‘Bridal Campaign’, as well as a section on their website dedicated to gifts and promotions, including special online promotions.

Currently, I must say that I have my eye on the newly released alphabet mugs as presents for my family and friends this Christmas season. There’s also a Santa figurine that my uncle would absolutely love as a new addition to his yearly Christmas display. I really love how you can find something for just about anyone in their range and I’m sure no-one would object to a gift bought from Royal Copenhagen that is literally guaranteed to last the test of time, promising you a replacement item within 24 months post the date of purchase. This just goes to show how much they believe in their products and also how much they want us to appreciate the fine quality their products have to offer.

It’s safe to say, if you’re looking for something timeless and elegant, you can’t go wrong with Royal Copenhagen.