¥ 2,100

You can hold the iQOS pocket charger, iQOS holder and heat stick at the same time. ≪Size≫ H135 × W87 × D93mm ● All-in-one product that integrates the required functions into one and holds, charges, and puts cigarette butts.
● Can be charged while holding by USB power connection ● Heat stick stand with non-slip ● Approximately 40 cigarette butts ● Equipped with white LED that is easy to see even at night
● iQOS holder: A1402 / A1403 only ● iQOS pocket charger: A1502 / A1503 only ● Input voltage: DC5V (0.25V) ● Current consumption: 10mA (LED built into the main unit) ● Allowable current: 2A

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