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Once again, another marvelous experience

Once again, another good job well done. I must admit, PSJ’s service is beyond thc

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visual japan summit 2016 ticket

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5 years and counting

I am using your service for about 5 years already and I was always very satisfiec

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Great dealing with personal shopper!

It was an extremely pleasant experience using personal shopper service! They arec

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Excellent Service

My first time attending a concert in Japan and my worries about getting tickets c

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Shinkansen Tickets

Great and instant communication, excellent service, quick shipment.c

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Excellent and Trustworthy Service

Thank you so much for your assistance to help me buy the tickets.


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Efficient and reliable

This is the first time I purchased tickets from Japan via purchase service and Ic

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K.will concert in kobe

thank you very much for your great service

in september me and Hila Dagri , c

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100 Stars, Beyond Expectations

Dear Ninja J and Team,

I wanted to give 100 stars rating; but I am limited tc

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Another job well done…

Ninja never stops to amaze me with his fast service and reliability. I will defc

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Great Service

Really helpful and fast, got exactly what I was after – provided photos before sc

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