Hokkaido Slimming pills – Please be aware. This is fake item…..

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | December 22, 2013


This Hokkaido slimming pill thing is not from Japan….
Please be aware of fake products saying “From Japan”.

Best Regards,
Ninja J

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Update 17th October 2013

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | October 17, 2013


Here’s recent requests.

D50 Canon Digital Camera

Mobile phone (sony, panasonic, samsung)

Action figures (many)

fashion apparel (issey miyake, muji, uniqlo, mastermind, ape … etc)

car parts (compressor, front bumper)

bike parts (carburetor, handle)

anime goods (many)

music CD (many)

magazine (many)

bigbang tickets / goods

super junior tickets / goods

koda kumi goods / goods

famicom goods (titler, software)

keyboard for PC

condenser for audio

Thank you for many requests !

Best Regards,

Ninja J




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Sushi Making Kit – Update 11th, September 2013

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | September 11, 2013

Happy shopping !

Today, we just shipped Sushi making kit.

A bit interesting project, so I post here 🙂

living wasabi with roots

living wasabi with roots !










roll sushi making set

sushi making set










Living Wasabi with roots

Wood spatula
Grater steel
bamboo brush
Now EMS provides Cool EMS!
we can send cool items (to Singapore and Taiwan only) !!

Best regards,
Ninja J

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Yes! we can send you Digital Camera, Mobile Phone and Notebook PC! – Update 1st August 2013

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | August 1, 2013


International Law regarding Li-ion Batteries changed and now, from 1st August 2013,

We CAN send Digital Camera, Mobile Phone and Notebook PC!  (in the past, we have to use special carrier company to deliver these goods to you)

but now we can use EMS (our standard shipping method) and send to your home door to door.

waiting for your requests anytime !

Best Regards,

Ninja J


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Chocobi 200 for our customer, update 27th November, 2012

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | November 27, 2012



We’re having so many request from customers everywhere in the world – and a bit busy, so no update since 12th October.

almost 1.5 month….. sorry for not updating.

this time, I’ll introduce our case – 200 chocobi !!

Prepared big box and put all chocobi in the box….

check out our picture. not 200 yet… but over 100 chocobi.

many chocobi

many chocobi




Yes, we are always ready to fulfill your shopping request.

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Meiji Chocolate house making kit – October 12th, 2012

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | October 12, 2012



Happy shopping !

thank you very much for many requests.

Famous Meiji Chocolate house making kit will be released on next month.


we are accepting reservation now!

and – here’s small info
our No.1 customers are from
Indonesia,Russia and Singapore.
thank you very much.

also many from
Hong Kong

we are welcome customers from
(a bit little number from these countries)

Ninja J

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for the people from Philippines

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | September 21, 2012


we have many requests from Philippines,
but some of the requests are strange.

one of the customer wanted us to buy
ivi collagen powdered drink.

we never heard of it, and searched internet with “English” (already strange….)
and found a company.
at first glance we can tell that they are not Japanese.
1. The pictures in their website is a bit taste “Old”… (10 years ago or so?)
2. Katakana and Kanji usage is a bit weird.
3. There’s no Japanese page at all.

we know that Japanese cosmetics are famous all over the world,
but please don’t be fooled by fake Japanese cosmetic companies.

they use Japanese brand image, but not Japanese quality for cosmetics.

People from Philippines, please be aware of fake cosmetics…
People from Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia already knows I guess – because their requests are
always “Shiseido” or other famous Japanese costmetics.

Ninja J

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recent requests – 20th, September 2012

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | September 20, 2012


How are you ?
this is Ninja J.

we got many requests, and here’s examples.

Fishing Rod
Japanese chocolate snacks
AC adapter for note PC
Japanese brand apparel
music score
AKB48 goods
Super Junior goods
tickets for concerts
– Namie Amuro
– AKB48

turn table (very expensive one, over 4000 USD)
electric tester
slimming machine
…. and many !

Thank you for requests!

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Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box ! , 4th September 2012

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | September 4, 2012

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box
is now on sale (reservation required).
the item will be released on 18th December 2012, but the official store is
accepting reservation now!!

Price: 35000 YEN (including TAX)

and – YES. we can assist for you to buy this Ultimate BOX.

Best Regards,
Ninja J

– added 12th October,

Thank you for reservation !

we secured 6 sets for our customers !

Thank you,

Ninja J

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Update, 29th August 2012

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | August 29, 2012

Still we receive many request regarding western dryer…
this item is sold out everywhere and no more refill.

also – Meiji chocolate house making kit.
this item also sold out, and not available now.
according to the maker, they will release new version of this item around November.

to Indian people,
please request us other item than cameras.
cameras in Japan is not cheap.
if you want cutting-edge new model, then we can find and tell you the price, but common ones are cheaper in India than Japan.

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Recent requests – update 9th August

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | August 9, 2012

Here’s update for recent requests,

Japanese snacks
Walking Stick
Artist Goods
Anime Figure
Magazine (Fashion, Gossips, etc)
Massage Cushion
Food Samples

Saudi Arabia
… and more !

Thank you very much !!!

Ninja J

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Fan goods – update 7th August 2012

| Case example, From old site, recent requests | August 7, 2012

Yes, we have been helping a lot of customer buying fan goods from Japan.
Super Junior
…. we can help you buy any artist, and any item.

Also – many Game goods,

Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
items from square-enix-shop, amazon, in the yahoo auction….etc
…. also we can buy any game, and any item.

sometimes,there’s also in ebay.
but our price will be a lot cheaper than ebay.
and a customer says “are you safe?” – this is a sad question.
we are doing right thing in right way, then it brings happy to customer and us also.
we don’t need to do some bad things… we don’t want one-time wealth, also not so lame to take that action.
Just do what we need and make customers happy,
and receive next order – this is the best strategy for long lasting relationship.

Ninja J

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