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Yes, we can buy items in Mercari, Fril for you, and ship to you. Please send us request through contact form . Copy and paste mercari / Fril URL and it’s done !   Mercari, Fril (Marketplace app) Mercari provides a secure way for anyone to buy and sell stuff straight from their mobile device. Sometimes, they have reasonable items, lower than market price. And a lot of sellers in these sites are individuals, so it can have cheapest items / rare items. Weak point is, sellers in these sites are mostly not so experienced sellers, compared with yahoo auction,

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New flavor heatsticks, smooth regular, purple menthol iqos

iqos heatsticks new flavors buy
on 4/18th 2017, New Flavors for iQos released in normal stores. New iQos heatsticks Flavors available now : Smooth Regular Improved smooth feeling compared with Blue Regular flavor, and added slight nuts flavor. And lowered bitter taste on the tongue after smoke. Purple Menthol Blueberry flavor and menthol. Good for Menthol lover, and someone who likes fruity flavor. It's like a blueberry chewing gum. Both new flavor available now ! For new flavors, we are currently preparing new request form, so please use normal form below, or please add message that you'd like to Smooth Regular / Purple Menthol. Send usRead more

Now accepting pre order for ONLY 500 set in the world,limited Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones “Havana Moon”

Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones - Havana Moon

Hi, Now accepting order for ONLY 500 set in the world,limited Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones “Havana Moon” Released in Japan only, release date = 28th October Contact us now !         (following is From official release message, machine translation… sorry) “Havana Moon Stones Live in Cuba 2016” for this year’s March 25, rolling was conducted to collect the crowd as many as 1.2 million people in the Cuban capital Havana to Stones. Following the world all at once published in the September 23, Japan preceding released it is was determined as early as October 28.

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Buying from Japan Just Got Much Easier

Japan is a country that is well known globally for its advancement in the manufacturing industry, although the country is seen as a car, electrical and electronics manufacturing giant, these are only some of the products you can get from this technologically advanced country where high quality products are found in virtually every part of the country. People often travel from different parts of the world to Japan just to purchase items they couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. So how do you buy that high quality product you have always wanted to buy from Japan even when you

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New Year holidays

From 30th December to 5th Jan 2016,  There’s big holidays in Japan, and busiest days in Japan. It’s same for us, and so, We are open, but it will take time to respond to your requests. We can process your orders, but it can be slow, because of holidays. We can ship out your items, but it can be slow, because of holidays also. We can process your orders, but during (12/30 – 1/5) our charge will be doubled, So, changed to minimum = 3000 YEN our charge % = 20% Please note that request after 6th will be same

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Yes, we are active.

We got multiple inquiry about “are you still active ?” Yes, we are active of course, and processing many requests every day. We are thinking Post in blog / site is for marketing, so currently, we don’t post blogs frequently, because our philosophy is “if you had time, then spend time for our customers.”. Please check our customer reviews page when you have time, Customer Reviews as this section is updated periodically, you can tell if Ninja J is active or not.

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Golden week in Japan

There will be biggest holiday in Japan from 29th April to 6th May. Most of the companies are taking holidays during these days. We are open and operating normally during these days, but most of the suppliers will stop shipping out items. so please note that it will take some time to receive your ordered items. again, we are open and operating normally during golden week.

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