Now accepting pre order for ONLY 500 set in the world,limited Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones “Havana Moon”

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | September 28, 2016

Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones - Havana Moon


Now accepting order for
ONLY 500 set in the world,limited Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones “Havana Moon”
Released in Japan only, release date = 28th October

Contact us now !Super Premium DVD box Rolling Stones - Havana Moon





(following is From official release message, machine translation… sorry)
“Havana Moon Stones Live in Cuba 2016” for this year’s March 25, rolling was conducted to collect the crowd as many as 1.2 million people in the Cuban capital Havana to Stones. Following the world all at once published in the September 23, Japan preceding released it is was determined as early as October 28.

In the movie version five songs out of all 18 songs that have been played the day has been cut, added as a bonus video on the five songs are DVD / Blu-ray . CD’s of course songs recorded.

“Havana Moon” in the title. This is taken from the moody number of different color, which has been housed in Orijineita of rock ‘n’ roll to be respected them, Chuck Berry of the first album, “After School Session” (released in 1957). Prior to Cuba after the revolution to break the United States and diplomatic relations in 1961, but was a song that was the Havana of the time it was common to dance in rock ‘n’ roll to the stage with a glass of rum, such a song title, and Cuba sense to bring in the title of the movie that contains the concert of the pattern should be commemorated that have been made in the year of the United States of diplomatic relations recovery is first great. Does this title only, it is not as good as this success of the movie was promised! And I about had thought I like is.

Playing and set list, but those of the Latin American tour that took place in February and March of this year has been followed, Karl Denson saxophonist who joined in place of Bobby Keys, who died in 2014, long such as vocalist Sasha Allen was appointed on behalf of Lisa Fischer who has been active as a member of the Stones family, newly added members our fresh and aggressive support the first time in will also be interesting. Since the 1989 album “Steel Wheels”, keyboardist that have supported the positive activities of the Stones in the shade, this is also good support first time in Matt Clifford it can be confirmed and clearly. And always in the “heartless world”, even here, it has been realized is co-star of the Havana of the chorus group. Although not able to analyze still in detail, it is also the co-star in other performance areas to listen Quirky harmony.

One of the documents theatrical work “me! me! me! A Trip Across Latin America (Olé Olé Olé:! A Trip Across Latin America) “is not a light work such as Central and South America tour document of mere bonus of course. Stones for the dreadfulness of enthusiasm when around the Latin America, was able to see very well, even before the video’s “The Biggest Bang” (2007). However, this time of the document work with the mini-document with the degree of completion and the different depth of all Revel is in there, have just been finished as a “work”, I was honestly surprised.

Often in “because it is Latin,” said the would likely story is put away in a word background, once Attari under the military government, under the socialist system as Cuba (in the same socialist system, has been severance of diplomatic relations with the United States the era of Cuba said that was longer in but we can not think of a closed country such as North Korea …), and the resistance to it and suppression of youth culture seek “freedom” struggle, the iconic such music as a “weapon” to reveal the composition of (not limited to the rock ‘n’ roll, is interesting traditional music is heading the same meaning of which had), there or rock ‘n’ roll of the Stones has brought what involvement go to one after another relief or. Among them, but I also pinched the scene a group of local is to play the masterpieces of the Stones in the local style, it is not just a quirky attempt, that are to have a meaning in the song select such as comes through, and has a deep attempt to musically.

In addition, the state of preparation of the free concert in Havana, which has been promoted in parallel with the progress of the tour also interval, and show me in the meantime, it has given a good tempo feeling in the entire movie, the climax of Havana tension toward the concert narrative that goes growing gradually have also been successfully directed at. In the original title, “Olé” is originally shout to be used when sending a cheer to the bullfighters and flamenco dancers in Spanish. It would be famous now as words that are often heard even in the field of soccer. As we watch this work while clenching the meaning of the word, to overcome such a difficult situation once of young people and of Latin has been winning the battle of the “free” America, the current of their own to inherit the spirit for the fans, I Stones come seemed to carry on the journey while feeding the acclaim in their own play.

Attention scene also lots, is speaking only among them two people Mick and Keith in the dressing-room scene. Korezo just the current group is successfully carried out are proof! In addition, the immediately following, fans will be to witness the spectacle of a surprise to the extent of even a waste would write here easy now!

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Buying from Japan Just Got Much Easier

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | March 12, 2016

Japan is a country that is well known globally for its advancement in the manufacturing industry, although the country is seen as a car, electrical and electronics manufacturing giant, these are only some of the products you can get from this technologically advanced country where high quality products are found in virtually every part of the country. People often travel from different parts of the world to Japan just to purchase items they couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. So how do you buy that high quality product you have always wanted to buy from Japan even when you are sitting in the comfort of your home? Let’s say you finally found the product you love but you cannot afford to travel to Japan or just don’t have the time, most times it is very possible to find these items on the internet. What if your credit card is not accepted by the vendor or the vendor doesn’t just ship to your country?

Personal Shopper Japan to the rescue

When faced with the challenges mentioned above or even more, Personal Shopper Japan is the right place to visit for quick and professional service. We pride ourselves for providing the best service you could possibly get out there, we can help you buy that quality product you wish to buy from Japan but faced with restrictions. Not only can we buy for you from Japan and send to your doorstep, we also serve as a registered auction agent for you, this simply means that you can buy auction items from any online auction provider in Japan through us.

In order to ensure that your item is not damaged on its way to you, we repackage the item and provide a standard protection. As part of our commitment to best customer service delivery, we are actively involved on social media platforms, our Facebook page is one example of the platforms where customers get to share their experience with our services, and you can find video reviews by our satisfied customers. Since customer satisfaction is a top priority to us, we provide a great customer review section on our website for customers to express their satisfaction with our service delivery.

Because Personal Shopper Japan is aware of the risks involved when carrying out online transactions, we have integrated a secure method of handling payments for our services using PayPal as one of the payment options. We also provide our customers with a tracking number upon purchase of any item, this is a way of keeping you informed at all times about the location of your package, also a good way of providing you with extra security.

When next you are thinking of buying any item from Japan, Personal Shopper Japan is the website for you, all you need to do is send us a request, get a reply and pay for the items to be bought and shipped to your doorstep regardless of your geographical location in the world.

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Examples of our standard protection

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | February 20, 2016


Here’s examples for our standard protection repacking (already included in our charge)

Our standard repack / protection service (already include in “our charge” )is No.1 in Japan,

and can beat other paid repack / protection provided by other services.

figure_protectionnintendo_controller_protection021_nintendo_controllers06_makita 07_makita08_makita_impact_driver controller_2paul_smith_watch





paul_smith_watch_protection 09_rolling_stones_rare_cd


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Price structure is changed

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | February 20, 2016


Our price structure is changed, and optimized for customer who will buy high price item.

For over 100000 YEN purchase, we’ll discount our charge, and 6% is applied.

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New Year holidays

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | December 30, 2015

From 30th December to 5th Jan 2016,  There’s big holidays in Japan, and busiest days in Japan.

It’s same for us, and so,

We are open, but it will take time to respond to your requests.

We can process your orders, but it can be slow, because of holidays.

We can ship out your items, but it can be slow, because of holidays also.

We can process your orders, but during (12/30 – 1/5) our charge will be doubled,

So, changed to

  1. minimum = 3000 YEN
  2. our charge % = 20%
Please note that request after 6th will be same as normal.

Thank you for your understandings.

Best Regards,

Ninja J


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Yes, we are active.

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | December 21, 2015

We got multiple inquiry about “are you still active ?”

Yes, we are active of course, and processing many requests every day.

We are thinking Post in blog / site is for marketing, so currently, we don’t post blogs frequently,

because our philosophy is “if you had time, then spend time for our customers.”.

Please check our customer reviews page when you have time,

Customer Reviews

as this section is updated periodically, you can tell if Ninja J is active or not.

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Everything back to normal

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | May 15, 2015

1 week past after golden week finished,
and now everything back to normal.

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Golden week in Japan

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | April 28, 2015

There will be biggest holiday in Japan from 29th April to 6th May.

Most of the companies are taking holidays during these days.

We are open and operating normally during these days, but most of the suppliers will stop shipping out items.

so please note that it will take some time to receive your ordered items.

again, we are open and operating normally during golden week.

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Do you know ippudo ? 一風堂 in UK

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | April 17, 2015


Do you like ramen (noodle) in Japan ?

Ippudo is the most popular ramen (noodle) shop in Japan , and they opened another branch in UK.

Ippudo is my favorite noodle shop also.

but, do you know…







Instant noodle version ?

Yes, it’s very simple / easy, and instant noodle versions are available in Japan.

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Best way to get samples

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | February 3, 2015

Sometimes, corporation needs sample from certain item.

If contact through maker’s contact form, then it may raise unnecessary alert in some case.

By using our service, you can avoid unnecessary hustle, none of your individual information exposed to supplier.

Ninja J

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Happy new year 2015

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | February 3, 2015

Oh, it’s already 1 month from new year 2015…

For us, start of 2015 was very busy days, because around 5 of our return customers sent requests to us.

“Hi Ninja ! Happy new year ! and I want this item …..”

“Happy new year PSJ team ! How much is this item ??…. ”

“Hi, Happy new year. When can you ship this item ??… ”

Oh my god ! Thank you very much !!

Maybe, Our customers first e-mail was delivered to us :))))

Such a good start for us.

Thank you very much for requests, and Happy new busy year for PSJ.


Ninja J

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USD / JPY rate

| Personal Shopper Japan Staff Blog | September 18, 2014


JPY is now lowest value and it’s been more than 6 years since this level of value.
good for buyers worldwide ! It’s a bit reasonable to buy items in Japan.

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