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Cigallia CiG 2.0 Icos compatible machine Continuous 25 stations Heat stick compatible large capacity heating temperature control USB charging heating type electronic cigarette iQOS compatible main body Red

¥ 3,680

■ Product specifications
Weight: 112 g
Size: Φ22 × 108 mm
Voltage: 5 V
Current: 0.5 A
Charging time: 3 hours

■ Please be careful
Please do not heat during cleaning. Please do not heat with the cap removed. Please be careful not to be dangerous.
Do not stab a person because the rod heating blade is dangerous.
There are individual differences in differences in sucking comfort and taste.
Please note that the rod type blade may break at the time of cleaning.

Voltage: 5 V / current: 0.5 A / Charging time: Approximately 3 hours / Size: Approximately Φ 22 × 108 mm / Weight: Approx 112 g / Continuous suction per one time About 195 sec / Heating temperature: Three stages (Low, High) / 25 full charge suctions
Insert the heat stick for ICOS and quickly press the power button 3 times Heating starts and can be drawn about 15 seconds later! Suction time per one time is about 195 seconds and continuous use is also OK. It is a needle-shaped structure that can transmit heat uniformly.
Since it is possible to change the heating temperature in three stages (low, middle and high), you can choose the taste similar to the conventional product or the taste with a better absorption response
The power button can be quickly displayed twice in the battery capacity display (confirmed with 3 stages of green, blue and red) * Notice that the battery is nearly full with less than 20% of the remaining battery charge when the red lamp is lit * Charging Approximately 3 hours until completion, about 25 sucks with one full charge. Because it is rechargeable with microUSB, USB charging from AC adapter · outlet, PC, portable charger is also possible
Isolation structure easy to maintain · clean! Cleaning is easy because the heating rods are exposed (conventional products are recessed). The trouble of cleaning every time is also very easy

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