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Cleaner for heated tobacco Clew ® 28ml ICOS iQOS Glow glo PloomS Cleaner

¥ 840

Product details> Clew 28ml For ICOS iQOS and Glow glo cleaner Contains no flammable substances such as LP gas. Content> 28ml Usage: Electronic cigarettes such as ICOS and Glow, ICOS cases and compatibles, eyeglass lenses, glass, plastic, PC and smartphone LCD screens, TV screens, precious metals, etc. Removal, disinfection and deodorization. Former> Nrf2 Inc. ※ Clew does not contain any flammable substances such as alcoholic substances and LP gas. ★ 【Life support, winter sale! 】 ★ Clew is a safe wash water that can be drunk, so it does not adversely affect the human body or electronic cigarette equipment. We can remove tars in peace with strength, and cigarette original taste is revived. Sales results at Aikos Service Stations, Lofts, major convenience stores and AEON nationwide!
★★★ New recommended product! Please use it in conjunction with the "Clew Extra Fine Spiral Swab Specially Designed for Electronic Cigarettes". ★★★
Clew is an original product that Nrf2, Inc. plans, develops and sells exclusively for electronic cigarettes.
▼ Precautions when choosing an electronic cigarette cleaner (washing water): Commercially available alkaline electrolyzed water-based cleaners produce chemically synthesized substances such as sodium hydroxide, which corrode metal and have a bad effect on the human body when inhaled. Please be careful about counterfeit products. * Clew does not contain any flammable substances such as alcoholic substances and LP gas.
The greatest merit of Clew> ● Easily removes tars and dirt. ● ● Eco-friendly products that are harmless to people, metals, and the environment. ●● Glasses, smartphones, PC screens, and precious metals (diamonds, silver, and copper products are also OK!) Also … ● Does not corrode metal. (Since it does not use sodium hydroxide, ethanol, or abrasives, it can be used with confidence in electronic equipment.) ●● No odor, so it does not affect the taste of tobacco after washing.

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