¥ 6,980

* We will ship by Yu-Packet. * In the case of Yu-Packet, you cannot specify the date and time. This product is sold as a single holder. We will simply wrap it and ship it in a box. Please note that the other chargers, cleaners, cords, etc. included in the Aikos kit are not included. 【world’s first! Heat-not-burn tobacco system “iQOS”]Tobacco is entering an era of charging. -Since the real tobacco leaves (sold separately “Marlboro Heat Stick”) are heated, you can enjoy the original taste and aroma of tobacco. ·Do not use fire. There is no ash. There is little odor. Does not pollute the air. An innovative tobacco heating system. Precautions * Various campaigns cannot be applied to this product. * In any case, cancellation is not possible due to customer’s convenience, so please read the explanation carefully before purchasing. * Even if a defect such as an initial defect occurs, we cannot accept compensation such as repair or replacement. * We cannot provide compensation for product registration errors. * In case of initial failure, please contact IQOS Customer Center 0120-190517. (Even if the customer center does not cover the compensation, we are selling new products, so we cannot confirm the operation, so we cannot accept exchanges, returns, compensation, etc. in any case.) Only for those who understand. Please purchase. * Since there are many inquiries about the shipping date, please refrain from making inquiries about the shipping date. (We will not reply) * We do not issue receipts. For credit card payment: The card details will be the receipt. Cash on delivery: The courier will give you a receipt in exchange for the price. For bank transfer: A copy of the transfer will be your receipt. If you wish to issue a separate receipt, we will issue a double receipt, so please refrain from doing so. A delivery note is included with the product as a purchase statement. If you are not satisfied, please refrain from purchasing. IQOS holder separately

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