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Electronic cigarette iQOS ICOS compatible item heating type electronic cigarette starter kit 1500 Mah large capacity 20 pcs continuous suction vibration function equipped isothermal heating USB rechargeable Japanese instruction manual attached (blue)

¥ 2,800

electronic cigarette iQOS ICOS compatible item heating type electronic cigarette starter Kit 1500 Mah Large capacity 20 volumes Continuous suction vibration function equipped With constant temperature heating USB rechargeable Japanese instruction manual 【20 continuous suction】 Toba is a gem excellent in cost performance specially developed for electronic cigarette lovers. It is a mellow and rich sucking comfort like a real cigarette, and it is unified with fashionable design to the exterior. About 20 continuous batteries can be recharged without recharging once with full charge.
【Innovative Tobacco Heating System】 Harmful substances cut by 90%, no sidestream smoke, no smell, do not use fire. There is no ash. Small odor. Do not pollute the air. I want to reduce the unpleasant feelings of people around like smoke and smell while enjoying real tobacco leaves with innovative heat technology and enjoying the original flavor of cigarettes as much as I want.
【Replacement and Cleanable Heating Sheet】 The heat generating sheet of this product can be disassembled and replaced and cleaned. Loosen the fixing screw at the tip to take out the heat sheet, after washing with a cotton swab etc., attach the heat sheet to the main body and give up firmly the fixing screw and use it can be used
[with vibrator function] Start heating · suction possible · heat It will vibrate when it is completed and will notify you. Even if you do not look at the instruction lamp of the product, you can now know the start of suction and the end time of suction. Easy to use with heated tobacco beginners! 【Protective function】 There are battery low voltage protection, output terminal short circuit protection, charge overcharge protection, heating timeout protection, temperature inspection protection, output short circuit protection function.
[90 day product warranty] If it becomes unusable due to failure in normal use, we will exchange it free of charge if it is within 90 days. Includes: Electric cigarette * 1 Heating coil * 2 USB charging cable * 1 Instructions * 1 Pass certificate * 1

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