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[Esperanza] The highest grade real leather (cow leather) iQOS ICOS notebook case exclusive use leather case 2.4 plus IQOS compatible rectangular type all-in one storage spare holder (notebook type rectangle type, Cole Black)

¥ 4,870

Combining functionality and design Genuine leather IQOS case. It is the appearance of an all-in-one case exclusive for IQOS which can store ICOS main body · heat stick · cleaner all in one. A handmade masterpiece with leather craftsmen's soul. Not only shapes and functions, but also commitment to making things. Use leather (cow leather) which gives a taste better as you use it. It is also compatible with ICOS 2.4 Plus, simple yet compact design. To you, ICOS exclusive use leather case which thoroughly pursued ease of use with extraordinary presence and profound feeling and high functionality. 【Challenge to Quality and Cost】 In general, products that are too cheap are generally of low quality, but we think that it is meaningless at a low price. Our company exclusive designers did the planning and design, and succeeded in thoroughly suppressing the cost by omitting the intermediary at all. Please enjoy our boasted gem which was made possible by production and direct purchase by first-class experienced studio. 【Commitment to real leather】 Handmade gem with leather craftsmen with soul. The more you use it, the more taste comes out, use fine finish genuine leather (cow leather) soft. Using authentic leather with good feeling, taste appeared enough to wear and you can enjoy aging (secular change) of only you.
【Ultimate Functionality】 Notebook type rectangle type genuine leather ICOS case. It can be easily opened and closed while firmly fixing with a magnet. Since the heat stick storage case is movable, it can be easily taken out easily. Also compatible with ICOS 2.4 Plus, it is simple yet uncompromising design and functional beauty.
[Utility] Charging is possible while it is in a case. Even if it is housed in a case, you can see the LED display part, so the ingenuity has been tailored to make it easier to push the button. We have a variety of color variations that you can meet your favorites.
【Challenge to price】 The leather which is said to be imitation leather (PU leather etc.) will deteriorate more rapidly from that moment of purchase. If you stick to high-quality genuine leather, it will be expensive. However, our company thinks that it is meaningless when it is cheap and bad. Our company exclusive designers did the planning and design, and succeeded in thoroughly suppressing the cost by omitting the intermediary at all.
[Manufacturer's suggested retail price 16,800 yen] The Japanese quality that it realized was realized because it is a Japanese brand. Craftsmen make carefully one by one carefully, stick to the functionality and design thoroughly, high quality real leather (cowhide) all handmade original ICOS case. ICOS main body · cleaner, stick cleaner, spare heat stick can all be stored in one IQOS exclusive, all-in-one case is the emergence of case.

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