¥ 14,800

European genuine limited color iQOS 2.4 plus dark red. Due to European specifications, we cannot accept product registration of manufacturers in Japan or warranty or repair including initial defects. note that.
Due to European specifications, the shape of the charger plug is a European type. A 2A conversion plug is required when charging from a Japanese outlet. If you charge from a PC via USB or if you already have a Japanese version of the iQOS charger, you can charge it as it is without the need for a conversion plug.
About the box package, it will be the package of the first box in the image.
There are Korean and European products, but this product is a European product.
[Gift wrapping possible]If you wish to have gift wrapping, please check “Gift settings” in the product cart and proceed to the cashier. Please select “Gift Wrapping” in the gift settings.

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