¥ 1,980

[Product Warranty from Ewin] Ewin IC Charger is Big Camera etc. Famous Furthermore, it is manufactured and designed from a factory with high reliability that provides high quality electronic products to shops. In addition, we offer one year warranty (all products are 18 month warranty) for all store products, so we can use with confidence.
[Improved version corresponding to all series] Improved version corresponding to IQOS holder charging of each model number. With built-in magnet fixing method, contact failure can be prevented. Even when placed on a flat surface, you can charge conveniently without worry of falling.
【Fully charged in just 3 minutes】 Charging is completed in just 3 minutes. Charging situation is easy to grasp as charging status is notified by LED light. * USB charger is not included in this product. Please use IQOS genuine AC charger or USB charger with 5V 1.2A output or higher.
[Easy to use] Easy charging just plugging in with iQOS exclusive design, easy leaving with one hand. It was released from troublesomeness of recharging to the case.
【Installing protection circuit】 Since the charger has a protection circuit, charging will stop automatically when charging is completed. Overcharging, overheating etc can be prevented to protect the IQOS main body.

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