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8x Music CDs

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Review from customer:
PSJ once again amazed me with their plannings and quick actions. I also love their code of conduct which practices “Be There” and “Customer First”.
I was looking to buy limited edition music CDs from my favorite band and I had only limited information for it. PSJ managed to secured everything in a timely manner before it got fully booked.
Once again, 10 stars!, no, 100 stars! Thank you!
-S. Tan
Personal Shopper Japan reply:
Thank you very much for using our service and feedback.

Our service is not same as other service providers.
Some customer is looking for just buy that item for me and send quick. Cheap. service, but we are not such service.
Our service is for high class customers, and most of high class customers are looking for communication with service provider to clear their questions,
and satisfaction for safe, well considered services for standard operation.

For your request, it was a bit complicated request, but we managed to visit the concert places and made reservation for CDs, and wait till release date,
and again we visited concert place and received for you.
Everything done smoothly with your smart communication with us, and thank you very much for using our service again !

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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