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Best shopping service I have ever used. Totally love their professionalism. I asked them to buy the limited items that only limit 2 items for 1 customer. But I want 8 of them. They accepted the request and went to 4 different stores to buy them. They were very fast to reply email. I also asked them to buy some clothes for me online. They helped me to get the discount for the clothes. Thank you so much! Shipping is super fast. I definitely recommend Ninja J to everyone. Because I would like to let as many people know about this excellent service, below is my recommendation in Vietnamese.

T?i ?? s? d?ng d?ch v? mua s?m c?a Personal Shopper Japan. T?i r?t h?i l?ng v? d?ch v? n?y. H? ti?p ??i kh?ch h?ng th?n thi?n l?ch s? v? l?m vi?c r?t chuy?n nghi?p. H? tr? l?i t?t c? th?c m?c v? ??p ?ng h?t c?c y?u c?u c?a t?i. H? c?n t? v?n cho t?i ch?n trang n?o r? ?? mua ??. N?u m?i ng??i c?n mua ?? g? t? Nh?t, t?i khuy?n h?y s? d?ng d?ch v? n?y, r?t ??ng gi? ti?n.

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback !
It was a bit difficult request for limited item, but as your instruction and enough budget, we managed to buy all items for you.
hope you like your item and we’ll keep up our good work !

also, thank you very much for feedback in Vietnamese.

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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