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This is my first time using a personal shopper and I was unsure of what to do but when I submitted my inquiry but they have provided information of the product I want purchase such as the alternative shops and also the overall pricing. I had two orders one is an audio CD while the other one was a exclusive item from Comiket 85 sold from an online shop.

Though ordering process from the online shop was long probably due to the celebration period, it have would be nice to have an ETA of when the product reaches them.

So I got impatient and sent an email to ask why is it taking so long and they replied & refunded my money and later gave me the option to continue waiting as the ETA is stated to be early Feb or cancel the order despite being at loss. There were also a miscalculation of the invoice due to the refund and my other order got mixed up but they clarify it fast.

Overall I highly recommend using PSJ , they respond usually within a day or a few hours and the shipping is fast my item arrived in 3 days and is in perfect condition.

Thank you PSJ.

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback !
As the store didnt send us any mail or news of delayed release,
we couldnt know till we recheck the status.
Sorry for inconvenience.

hope you will enjoy your items !

Thank you,
Ninja J


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