Buy from any stores in Japan / Bid on Japanese auction items. Personal Shopper Service / Auction Agent Service provider in Japan. Buy items in Japan, Repack, and Send to You.
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Here are the Question and Answers to our most asked questions.

frequently asked questions
  • How does your “personal shopper service” work ?

    Find our Easy to Follow steps below:

    1. Contact us through a form and request what you are looking for.
    2. Our staff will search internet, auction, and retail store to get best price for you.
    3. Our staff will reply you via e-mail, with simple estimation.
    4. If you agree with the total fee, send confirmation via e-mail (“BUY”)
    5. Our staff will send you Paypal invoice
    6. Pay the invoice amount
    7. Our staff will buy your item(s)
    8. Item(s) will be delivered to our office
    9. We’ll repack properly for international shipping (avoid any damage during shipment)
    10. Our staff will send you weight and shipping cost after repack completed
    11. Our staff will send you Paypal invoice for international shipping cost
    12. Pay the invoice for international shipping cost
    13. We’ll ship the item
    14. We’ll send you mail about shipment completion mail with tracking number
    15. Wait for the package!
    16. Please leave feedback of your shopping experience with us !
  • How long will it take to Indonesia ?

    With EMS,

    from our office to Indonesia = around 5-7 days.

    Best case was 4 days.

    normal air will be around 9-11 days.

  • If you couldn’t buy the item, then can I get refund ?

    Yes, of course.

    We’ll refund all costs, including our charge.

    However, if there was a staff travel charge applied, then we won’t be able to refund this portion of the costs. Apologies in advance for inconvenience.

  • Can I place a large order ?

    Yes, we can help you.

    We had following request for large order, for example,

    Light Bulbs x 400


    light bulbs

    Bento Boxes x 200

    bento box

    Snacks x 200 (chocobi)

    chocobi x 200
    Kitkat Green tea flavor x 244

    kitkat greentea

    Other request

    electric parts over 100 pcs

    car parts more than 100 parts

    trading cards over 50 pcs

    We happy to accept these big quantity requests anytime !

  • Can I track my package ?

    Yes, of course.

    We never ship items without tracking number.

    We will advise you of the tracking number once we have shipped the item.

  • How long will it take to receive my item ?

    Usually, from store to our office takes around 2-3days, and after receive the item, we’ll ship usually within 1-3 business days.

    Best Case Scenario –

    from store to our office 2 days

    repack and ship from our store 1 day

    International shipping (depends on your location, but 3 – 7 days if Asia Region)

  • Can I pay with my credit card ?

    Yes, you can.

    However, if you would like to use the safest payment option, please use PAYPAL instead.

    We will send you the invoice through PAYPAL, and after receiving your invoice mail, you can just click “pay now” and use your credit card safely.

  • After payment, how soon you can buy my items ?

    Usually we can purchase your item within 24 hours from when you paid our invoice.

  • Can I order pre order items ?

    Yes. There will be pre order charge 1500 YEN(minimum, around 1 month, for longer pre order, charge will be vary) , but we can accept your request !

  • I’m from Malaysia, can you send to Malaysia ?

    Yes, of course.

    We have many customers from Malaysia already.

  • How many days will it take to Singapore ?

    If you used EMS, then usually 3 – 5 days from our office to Singapore.

    Best case was 24 hours after we shipped the item.

  • Will you tell me when the item has been shipped to you ?

    Usually not. The reason being that most of the items will be arrive at our office around 3-5 days after we order your item.

    We usually send an e-mail to you AFTER we have received the item, as we need to notify you of the international shipping costs.

  • How does payment work?

    Please pay through PAYPAL, and you can use your credit card to pay.

    You don’t need PAYPAL account to pay us.

    We can also accept bank wire transfer.

  • Do you take photos before sending item out?

    There’s photo option service.

    Please find the details below:

    Take picture and send

    We’ll take a picture and send to you via e-mail before shipping out your items.

    500 YEN per request

  • Will you provide tracking number ?

    Yes, of course.

    We NEVER send items without a tracking number.

  • How long will it take to Hong Kong ?

    Usually 3-4 days from our office.

  • Can I meet Ninja J?

    Yes, you can meet Ninja J if you’re near Yokohama.

    Some customers have already met and know how Ninja J looks :)

  • How do I process to order the item ?

    easy steps to buy items from Japan without any difficulties.

    1. Send us request through request form
    2. Wait for our reply… Quote and information for your request
    3. Confirm Order and Pay with your Credit Card or Paypal
    4. We’ll buy items for you
    5. We’ll repack items with bubble wrapping for protection during international shipping.
    6. Our staff will send you weight,international shipping cost, etc.
    7. Confirm Shipping and Pay
    8. We’ll ship items to you, and tell you tracking number.
    9. You can track your package anytime !
    10. You’ll receive your package, and leave us feedback
    11. Thank you for using service.
  • Which shipping courier service do you use ?

    Mainly Japan Post.

    EMS = Express shipping

    AIR = Normal Air Shipping

    SAL = Economy Shipping

    We can also use



    Upon your request.

  • Do I need paypal account to pay ?


    You can pay with your credit card through paypal.

    We’ll send you invoice, and all you have to do is to fill paypal form and click pay.

    If you had paypal account, then should be easier.

  • How can I pay you ?

    Use Paypal Please. – we have Paypal verified account.

    you can pay by your credit card. we also accepts bank wire transfer.

  • Can you mark item as “Gift” ?

    Yes, we can.

    Please tell us to do so when we ask your address for shipping.

  • Can you combine shipping ?

    Yes, we usually do combine shipping without additional cost.

    You can buy from many stores at once, and send to you together with our service.

  • Can I buy from with your service ?

    Yes. We can buy from amazon Japan /

  • Can you buy from auction site ?

    YES, we can buy from various auction sites, such as Yahoo auction, rakuten auction, mbok.

  • How much is your charge ?

    10% of product purchase price, or minimum charge of 1500YEN

    here’s example.

    Total price of item(s) from one store Service charge
    3000 YEN 1500 YEN
    6000 YEN 1500 YEN
    15000 YEN 1500 YEN
    30000 YEN 3000 YEN
    500,000 YEN 30,000 YEN ( 40% discount for expensive items)
  • Can you accept bank wire transfer payment ?

    Yes, we can accept bank wire transfer payment.

    Bank admission charge will be around 3000 YEN to our Bank in Japan

    As paypal takes 4% of the total transaction amount, we recommend use bank wire transfer above 75000 YEN purchase.

  • What items you can buy ?

    Anything (but we can’t assist with illegal products…)

    Artwork, Car parts, used car, Game console, Handheld game device…

    Furniture, Souvenir, Book, Magazine, Anime Character goods, Anime DVDs…

    Old banknotes, Old coins, antiques….

    you can request anything. so contact us first, and our staff will reply promptly.

    Some items are not allowed to be shipped by Air, so please check Air shipping regulation.

  • What shipping method available ?

    We can ship to you using any available services.

    You can choose yourself – comparing cost and performance.

  • Shipping rates ?

    we use the standard shipping rates of Japan Post for standard requests. (EMS, express international air shipping)

    International shipping costs depend on the weight.

    You can check here (EXPRESS shipping).

    If you can’t see the link above (PDF format) , then try

  • Can you ship to my home ?

    We ship worldwide.

    Please see here for detailed information.

  • I don’t know exactly what the item I want is. Can you help me find it?

    Yes. We can help you to find exact item and you the choice is yours as to whether you choose to buy it from us. Of course, we would be glad to meet your requests though!

    example : I saw a picture in Tokyo station, with Mt.Fuji and Sun, which one is it ?! I want picture from same artist !

  • How much is 1 YEN ?

    Currency conversion rate varies time by time, but
    1 YEN is Around 0.0085 USD.
    1 USD is therefore Around 120 YEN
    Please check the currency conversion rate with google etc.

  • Are you Japanese ?

    Yes, we are all Japanese, living in Kanagawa, Japan.

    Add question now !

    You can ask us any question through contact form, but if you would like us to add your question in FAQ section, then please send us message from here.

    Additional Questions by guests
    • Can you buy from C2C sites?

      Yes, we can buy from C2C sites in Japan, for example, mercari, rakuma, fril.

    • Can you purchase from mercari japan?

      Yes, we can.

    • Prohibited or Restricted items

      Category Sub-category Examples of Nonmailable Articles
      Explosives and hazardous materials Gunpowers Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunitions
      Flammable liquids Lighter fuel
      Compressed gasses Fire extinguishers, aqualungs, dust removers (spray type), portable condensed oxygen, helium gas, gas stove burners for camping, gas for portable stoves, gas for lighters
      Oxidizers Bleach, peroxidative agents, oxygen generators for personal use
      Oxidizers Chloroform, insecticide transpirators (heat type)
      Poisonous substances Mercury
      Radioactive substances Plutonium, radium, uranium, caesium
    • I can't seem to type in the Budget area. May I know the format?

      Please type with Numbers, in JPY, or USD.

    • Can you tell how much please before I buy,

      Sure of course. We’ll send you estimation first, and you can decide.

    • Will there be any problem clearing the customs ?

      First of all, please note that we are not your government, so we don’t know about your government.


      Please check rules by yourself, and place order to us.

      We cannot pay customs tax to your government,

      nor we don’t have special connection with your government’s customs staff.  (it will be big problem if someone had connection with customs staffs.)

      So, All we can do is,

      1.  Declare as the buyer says. (please add customs declaration customization option service)
      2.  Declare lower value as the buyer says. (please add customs declaration customization option service)

      of course INSURANCE CAN COVER only till DECLARED VALUE

      means, if you bought 10000 USD diamond and declare as 100 USD, then insurance will cover 100 USD, NOT 10000 USD.

      And, no one can import prohibited items, so please check by yourself carefully before place order.

      It’s YOUR government. We know Japanese government’s Customs tax and prohibited items very well, but we don’t know about your government’s rule.

      and you should know better than us about your government.

    • Can you accept Debit Cards?

      Payment method = Paypal or Bank wire transfer

      So, if you could pay our invoice (from paypal) with your debit card, then Yes.

    • Can you ship with DHL?

      Yes. With some additional cost.

      DHL shipment will be expensive, around x 4 of EMS.

    • Am I got confirmation email after pay? If I not been receive the confirmation email, how can I check my tracking?

      After making your payment, please check your mailbox
      and you will receive another email from Paypal to notify you that the
      payment has been accepted.
      As the payment process is handled by Paypal,
      we will be notified by them once your payment has been approved.
      Therefore, it won’t be necessary for you to notify us that you have
      made the payment.

      You’ll get tracking number mail from us when we’ve completed shipment. (if you’ve paid international shipping cost)

      if not, then we’ll send you international shipping cost mail before sending you tracking number.

    • Can we purchase mp3 music such as Japan iTunes on here?

      Sorry to say No.

      We can buy some game save data / from yahoo auction etc, but not mp3.

    • Can you do verification of a cell phone number for the game that can only be done in Japan ?

      Yes, we can, but please ask for cost estimation first.

    • Can you get the store to deliver direct to a Japan address ?

      Usually No.

      We can ship to hotel / where you are staying while in Japan.

      but AFTER receive the item and checked the item, we can ship to the address in Japan (we’ll need some additional cost though)

      NOT FORWARDING ADDRESS such as tenso.

      because many stores prohibit sending to forwarding address.

      As you may know already, some forwarders are brainless, and caused a lot of problem with many good stores.

      So they really hate forwarders.

      With high charge, we can do that for you, but please note that there will be no profit for us to do forwarding business,

      and that’s why we are not doing forwarding business.

    • When buying from sites like Mercari, does each seller count as a different store ?


      Because you have to receive items from different addresses, but you would like to combine all, right ?

      Then someone must gather all items and keep record of items list.

    • To qualify for combined shipping, must the items be bought at the same time? Or, can they be separate purchases?

      There’s no limitation, but after 1st request is closed, then we’ll need + 500 YEN combine cost.

      But if you could place order once, then we’ll automatically combine.

    • Can you change the items worth when sending to avoid custom fees?

      Yes. Please add customs declaration customization option.

    • Can I cancel my order after payment

      Sorry, but cannot. Please tell us “cancel” before making payment to us.

    • Do you offer COD service upon item arrival to your site and before sending to customer?


      We can buy from the service / site which only provides COD payment as payment method.

      We can receive COD items, pay for you, repack, and ship to you.

    • Is it ok cash on delivery


      You can see above section…

    • Where is your headquarters located?


      You can see here.

    • Can you buy items available in Japanese stores, malls, exhibitions, etc. and deliver it to me overseas, or you buy items available on Japanese online stores only?

      Yes. You can see in our page….