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Pok?mon Movie Tickets

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After looking around for a bit around the internet, I finally found this website. They were fast to respond to my query and thanks to them I was able get pre-order tickets which was basically unobtainable unless you know somebody in Japan or going to Japan in a certain period.

Responses to email was fast as well as shipping. Totally happy with the service I received and will definitely return again in the future as well as recommend this site to my friends. Now that I’ve had a good experience with this site, I’ll be fully confidant to go through you for higher value items in the future.

Saya telah tinggal di Australia untuk beberapa tahun tetapi saya sebenarnya berasal dari Malaysia.
Saya akan mengenalkan servis ini kepada rakan rakan di Malaysia juga.

Thanks Ninja.

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Thank you for using our service and feedback !
hope you like your item and we are happy to service you again in near future !

Thank you,
Ninja J


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