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First Order, EXCELLENT!

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3 Plush Toys

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Review from customer:
This was my first time using PSJ and also my first time ever using a proxy service. It was a great first experience! Thank you very much!

PSJ answered my emails very quickly and were very helpful with explaining fees and the free estimate was very detailed.

The 3 Plush Toys in my order were limited items and I had heard that they sold out very quickly the last time so I had been worried but PSJ managed to get everything! The shipping was also very quick and was packaged very well.

I was very satisfied with PSJ’s service and I’ll definitely be using the service again and recommending PSJ to friends!~

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for the feedback and using our service !
That plush was very rare item, and its a bit hard to buy even in Japan !
but we managed to buy all requested quantity.

Hope you like your plushes !

Thank you,
Ninja J


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  18. Please contact through the request form.

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