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Genuine iQOS sapphire blue Europe Specifications ICOS (Blue) Body Kit [並行輸入品]

¥ 17,179

iQOS LIMITED EDITION! Special color of limited quantity, sapphire blue icos
Heated cigarette of a new era "iQOS" which does not emit sidestream smoke with 90% cut of harmful substance and can not afford odor. Recommended for those who can not stop smoking or who are concerned about odors attached to rooms and clothes! There is also a feeling of smoking firmly, steam like smoke comes out.
Set contents: iQOS holder, pocket charger, dedicated AC adapter, dedicated USB cable, special cleaner brush, user guide
Holder size: diameter 9.5 cm × circumference 1 cm / charger size: vertical 11 cm × side 5.5 cm × Depth × 2 cm
To use it, an optional iQOS exclusive cigarette "Marlboro Heat Stick" is required. * Because it is a European specification product, the shape of the plug of the charger is C type When charging with Japanese outlet 2 A conversion plug is necessary When converting with USB, you do not need a conversion plug. * For oversea products, please accept manufacturer's product registration and security and repair including initial malfunction in Japan I can not do it. Please note.

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