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Gray Reservation Sales F Leather ICos Case Handbook Type ICOS Case iQOS Case Card Holder Spare Holder Case 2 Cleaner Storage iQOS Cover Cigarette Case Men's Women's All-in-One Notebook 10067-100-102_a1

¥ 2,380

【Size】: Vertical 8.5 cm × Horizontal 13 cm × Machi 4 cm

【Specification】: Material: PU leather

ICOS CASE of one point design
ICO CASE with note book type plate
ICocase case that can be stored compactly appears.
Simple and easy to use, space-saving and portable.

Reason for being elected.
PU leather with high quality like genuine leather.
Adult items matched to business from casual.

Compact storage possible.
Compact design that eliminated waste as much as possible.
Furthermore, charging can be confirmed while putting it in the case.
By making it the opening / closing part of the magnet type
there is no annoyance of opening and closing at all.

Charging in the case OK
You can charge it
while it is stored in the case without removing the body one by one.
Since I used it every day, I saved my effort as much as possible.

use fine fake leather
use familiar fancy leather drifting in hands
While being of quality comparable to genuine leather
it is comfortable to care for a long time because it is easy to care.
The design with a plate was also fashionable.
Designed to eliminate wasted space
To eliminate wasted space as much as possible, to a design packed with tightness.
Nevertheless, the functionality that makes ICocus easy to use and easy to retrieve.

rich color variation
from classic coloring to distinctive colors
fashionable adult design that can be used even in unisex.
【size】: length 8.5 cm × width 13 cm × gusset 4 cm
[Specifications]: Material: PU leather
(Bliss leather) From BlissLeather (Bliss leather) From BlissLeather Fashionable diary type ICos case It is an introduction. Quality PU leather with luxury feeling is an elegant and fashionable adult's icos insert that uses a material that is superior in appearance and beautiful as well as lightweight but excellent in durability and water repellency. You can store the body charger · heat stick, you can also use it as a periodic insert as a card case function. Charging is possible with a charger or battery with a cable in the case. Because it has become a fashionable design specification, we will use it in various scenes for business formal party second party. Regardless of age and gender, you can use it for people in the 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s female pair wide strata. Since design can be patronized long regardless of age gifts birthday gift Mother's Day Recommended for my father's day.

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