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Smiling Edea Plush

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United States

Review from customer:
I really wanted a Smiling Edea plush from the Square Enix Japan eStore, but they only ship to addresses in Japan. I checked import sites and eBay, but no one was offering the plush for sale. Then I found out about Personal Shopper Japan while doing a Google search, and decided to try it.

The rate that Personal Shopper offers is pretty exceptional! I also contacted a Japanese eBay store to help me get the same item, and they offered to sell it for $99 + shipping. With Personal Shopper, I only had to pay the minimum 1,000 JPY fee (+small Paypal fee) along with the cost of the plush. Minus shipping costs, I paid about $62.

The plush sold out on the same day of its release, so I was very, very impressed that they were able to get one for me. The shipping was very reasonable, and the plush was repacked very nicely. It came with a tracking number, and it arrived quickly. If it wasn’t for this service, there’s a chance that I would have no way of getting this plush. I am very happy to have it! n_n

When the next plush in this series comes out, I am definitely using Personal Shopper Japan again. Thank you!

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback !
Most of the case, ebay sellers have to sell to you with high price, because ebay takes some % of the sales price.

As we don’t have to pay to ebay, we can propose you better price and actual local price (best possible price for all people)
and it’s good for our customer.

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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