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Third generation exchange: MOX IOH heat-not-burn electronic cigarette

Latest 3D internal and external double heating technology
Using the ceramic heating needle + ceramic cup, you can heat the entire surface of the tobacco leaf without wasting anything.

25 bottles can be continuously sucked when fully charged.

Easy operation
Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn on the power, vibrate the main body once, it lights up in white, and heating starts.
After about 20 seconds, after re-vibration, the light will change from blinking to lit, and you can start sucking.
After about 4 minutes, when the remaining 20 seconds are reached, the main unit vibrates twice, and the main unit enters standby mode and is no longer in use.

Two-step temperature adjustment
White = low temperature, press the button 3 times in a row for 2 seconds, and when the blue LED blinks 3 times, it becomes high temperature.
Blue = higher temperature, press the button 3 times in a row for 2 seconds, and when the white LED blinks 3 times, it will be cold.

High-tech buttons to prevent unintended operation
The switch button has a detection function that allows the skin (fingers, etc.) to press for about 2 seconds to turn on the power and avoid abnormal touches in the pocket and bag.
Automatic cleaning function: In standby mode, remove the cap lid and press the button 5 times in 2 seconds, the light will blink white-blue alternately, enter the cleaning mode, the main body will heat in 30 seconds, and the cigarette left by the needle Burn. You can remove the residue with the attached cleaning swab.

● MOX IOH heat-not-burn tobacco body
● USB charger
● Cleaning swab * 10
● Japanese instruction manual

please note:
* This product cannot be purchased by persons under the age of 20.
* Keep out of the reach of children.
❤[革新的な3D内外部の二重加熱技術&良い交換性] MOX is a non-flammable e-cigarette using patented technology that can also heat the sides based on an intermediate heating needle. You can enjoy full heating, more and pure taste more efficiently than previous products. This product can inhale 25 cigarettes in a row and can be applied to most brands of cigarettes.
✔️[二段階温度調整可能] This product has two temperature choices. By default, it sets a lower temperature and the light is white. If you want a higher temperature, you can switch it with the push of a button three times, the light is now blue. In standby mode, when you click the button once, the LED lights up once to indicate the current temperature mode. Very safe even in high temperature mode, don’t worry.
✔️[耐摩耗性の磁気シガレットホルダー、超軽量]This product is made of high quality zinc alloy casing, all weighs only 61g, is super lightweight and easy to hold. You can charge it anytime, anywhere with the USB charging port. There is also a creative magnetic cap and guide groove, which makes the click sound crispy and comfortable.
✔️[意図しない操作を防ぐハイテクボタン、操作簡単]The switch button has a detection function, and you can avoid abnormal situations by pressing the skin (finger, etc.) for about 2 seconds to turn on the power. Then the equipment also begins to preheat, the light turns white, flashes continuously for 20 seconds, and the cigarette begins to vibrate once, enjoying the taste of pure tobacco that lasts about 4 minutes. Approximately 4 minutes later, the equipment re-vibrates and indicates that you should be aware that this use is over. At that time, the LED light will also go out and the equipment will automatically enter standby mode. Pull out the used tobacco stick and dispose of it properly.
✔️[認証完備&1年製品保証]MOX IOH Heat-not-burn Electronic Cigarette has also obtained Japanese and PSE certification (certificate number: TCT190724B008C) European CE and RoHS certification. If you have any questions or quality problems with the product, please contact us from Amazon’s purchase history, saying that it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty within 1 year after purchase. Rest assured that a Japanese manual is also included!

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