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Since it does not burn cigarettes, it reduces harmful substances by 90% and is less harmful to health. Recommended for those who cannot quit smoking or who are concerned about the odor of their rooms and clothes! It feels like you’re smoking, and you can enjoy smoking so much that you don’t need to quit smoking. This product is the latest technology in the world and was developed and manufactured by hitaste.jp Co., Ltd. For the first time in the world, there is a function to automatically record the number of cigarettes smoked. The independently developed constant temperature control system keeps a constant temperature and gives a delicious and delicious taste! Enjoy a taste closer to that of cigarettes and enjoy a satisfying taste. Give customers the best user experience.
[With HD display]The HD display function is installed, and you can see at a glance the smoking time, number of cigarettes smoked, smoking temperature, remaining battery level, etc. The smoking temperature can be freely adjusted between 200-300 ℃, the smoking time can be set from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 5 minutes in the standby state, the number of cigarettes smoked is cleared, and the number of cigarettes smoked is automatically set from the start of smoking. Can be recorded in.
[Self-cleaning function]The self-cleaning function is installed, and you can keep it clean without any trouble. In addition, various protection functions such as short circuit protection, open circuit protection, low voltage protection, and overcharge protection are installed to protect important electronic cigarettes.
This product has a built-in Panasonic regular high-magnification lithium battery and can absorb about 20 batteries on a single charge, giving the customer the best user experience. It is an iqos compatible machine with a temperature control function that allows you to freely adjust the heating temperature from 200 ° C to 300 ° C according to your preference, whether in standby or while smoking.
Set contents-Main unit-Instruction manual-microUSB charging cable-Storage case Before using, please read the Japanese instruction manual carefully and use the electronic cigarette correctly. If you have any questions or quality problems with the product, please contact us at any time. (Because Amazon is not familiar with our products) If it becomes unusable due to a malfunction in normal use within 3 months after purchase, we will replace it free of charge. E-mail address: jp2@hitaste.net Please contact us by this e-mail for refunds and returns. Correspondence phone number in Japan: (050) 5806-8799 Thank you for contacting us by phone regarding technical matters.

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